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LighthopeLighthope Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
So I installed M2TW on Steam. (Won't run on Windows 10 from the disk)

Want to minor modify it to fix some of those bugs, like princesses not being charming and the like. The FAQ on the forum says I need to modify export_descr_character_traits.txt, but that file doesn't exist.

Okay, have to unpack, but the unpacker doesn't work.


Can't even find export_descr_character_traits.txt to download, and have no idea where to put it even if I could.


  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Posts: 41Registered Users
    Its been a long time since I did the unpacking. I had the version BEFORE steam. Hopefully the steam version is the same.

    All I did was run unpack_all.bat from the unpacker folder. Then also follow the instructions on the readme.txt about creating your mtw.bat file.

    After unpacking I applied the patches since mine wasn't the steam version.

    Good luck!

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