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[SPC] [Campaign] Mierce King death, 3 Gens, 5 governors & 1 family member with "ZERO" Loyalty!

dge1dge1 ModeratorArkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,647
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Faction: Mierce
Difficulty: N/N

Playing Thrones after the last update. Excellent campaign to this point. Campaign is proceeding nicely and am preparing to accomplish the next set of Objectives. Five Provinces and Five regions. Things are looking pretty good....

King dies on the turn. Son and heir takes over. Two Generals, Five Governors, and One family member with "ZERO" loyalty. Following turn everyone revolts.


Screen shots and the turn autosave.

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  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    I think that this may be explained by the low influence of the heir. He's got only 2 influence, and if your generals and governors were active for a while, they'd easily have more influence than him.

    You can use a decree as a stop gap measure while you grab enough estates to give the heir enough influence.

    Mierce has some...interesting politics in the early-mid game.
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