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Second Wave

BiesliekBiesliek Junior MemberPosts: 41Registered Users
edited January 18 in Feedback & Suggestions
The recent X-Com games by Firaxis have a advanced option setting called Second Wave. Its unlocked after completing the game, and offers players various options to increase/decrease specific aspects of the difficulty for the game.
I feel a gameplay setting like this would feel right at home for Total War titles aswell, helping those that are struggling/annoyed with certain aspects of the game. While at the same time offering a increased challenge and replay value for veterans.

Some examples could be:
  • AI legendary lords level up every 5 turns.
  • AI loses bonus resistance to attrition.
  • AI loses bonus replenishment.
  • AI can disband low tier units if high tier are available.
  • AI buildings take 1 less turn to build.
  • Minor Factions are whiped off the map only ruins remain.
  • Elite units are capped (insert # max per army).


  • cans4852cans4852 Posts: 71Registered Users
    edited January 18
    Capping elite units is a good thing so we don't have only doom stacks walking around in the late game.
    One should also consider one thing before giving the AI any bonus: we need first to have AI hav a "bonus multiplier" from its actual resources instead of flat numbers, because atm raiding/spreading corruption/ destroying resource buildings have no effect whatsoever...
  • BiesliekBiesliek Junior Member Posts: 41Registered Users
    All of these would be individual advanced options, not necesarily balanced but offer more customisation. You could easily enable only the ones you want or completely disable all of them.

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