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4 Chaos Dwarfs LL's, yes but who?



  • Ol_NessieOl_Nessie Posts: 2,659Registered Users
    OdTengri said:

    Shar'tor The Executioner

    Cavalry General

    Unfortunately, he's from AoS so I think he's off-limits. Which is a shame because that model is gorgeous.
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    Give us a Slayer Hero!
  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Posts: 6,475Registered Users
    OdTengri said:

    Astragoth Iron-Hand

    Faction leader and "pure" caster lord.

    Zhatan the Black

    Melee Support General

    Drazoath The Ashen

    Hybrid Lord

    Shar'tor The Executioner

    Cavalry General

    Astragoth is powerful in melee. He is a hybrid with very strong spells. Kinda like Malekith.
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  • DraculasaurusDraculasaurus Posts: 1,529Registered Users
    Man, I didn't know about Shar'tor. I'm inclined to revise my earlier picks and make him the pure melee LL, with a focus on bull centaurs and other monsters.
  • OdTengriOdTengri Posts: 2,222Registered Users
    ben8vtedu said:

    OdTengri said:

    Shar'tor The Executioner

    Cavalry General

    Unfortunately, he's from AoS so I think he's off-limits. Which is a shame because that model is gorgeous.
    I'm hoping they make an exception. Along with a few others.

    Dorghar Dragon Mount for Archaon

    Kurnoth Hunters

    That's about all though, I hate new Alarielle, Drycha, Tree/Spite Revenants, Sigmarines, Sky Dwarfs.

    I do like the Nighthaunts and Sea Elfs but they don't belong in the World That Was.
    Give us Doombull, Great Bray-Shaman, Wargor, and Tuskgor Chariot.

  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Posts: 6,146Registered Users

    Hobgoblins I can see being the low tier troops of Chaos Dwarves. Being the tier 1 and 2 Infantry while the Chaos Dwarves themselves are tiers 3 and up. At most I feel we'll get them with Chaos Dwarves and not on their own. Especially with how they're despised by other Greenskins

    That's because you're ignorant :)

    Yes, Hobgoblins are low and mid tier troops in Chaos Dwarf armies. They also have other slaves (mostly greenskins) that serve as chaff, too.

    The Hobgoblins that serve the Chaos Dwarfs for the most part have nothing to do with the Hobgoblin Empire. Hobgoblins are the favored slaves of the Chaos Dwarfs - both in terms of preference and in treatment. They're smarter than orcs, and more capable than goblins (who are actually more capable than most people realize). Most hobgoblin slaves are actually task masters to lesser slaves, or more well-treated assistant and soldier slaves. Chaos Dwarfs actually treat and trade with the Hobgoblin tribes and Empire. Hobgoblin tribes have actually learned a lot from the chaos dwarfs (hence they actually have weapons and armor that aren't ridiculously crude), one of the benefits of their loose partnership with them.

    And yes, Hobgoblins are despised by Greenskins -- which is a great reason to include them!!!!!! I would LOVE to have that fight-out!!! Now THAT'S a grudge! Dwarfs don't know what they're talkin'bout til they've seen the hate a Black Orc has for a Hobgoblin <3

    Buy anyhoo, yes, the Hobgoblin Empire is a confederation of Hobgoblin tribes that are independent from the Chaos Dwarfs, and have an absolutely massive population. They actually control more ground than any other single empire in the lore. Thankfully for the rest of the world, the various Khans are more busy watching their backs (and their neighbors backs for stabbing opportunities), and trying to crack the bastion and fighting off the human nomads that they haven't really waaagh!d up and hardcore invaded the western portion of the world in force. These guys basically define treachery.
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