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NecronoxNecronox MemberPosts: 98Registered Users
edited June 2012 in Napoleon: Total War
can napoleon, Blucher, and other 'major' generals as such. can they be killed? since in my campaign, napoleon took a 12(?) pounder in the face (directly. i was watched his unit in replay) and lived.. so. is they a way to kill them? i always seem to wound them...

also. i'm getting bored of playing as britain, austria, russia and prussia, as i've finished the coalition campaign with all of them. is it 'legal' to mod you folder/saves without steam making a fuss? i've done a little modding for etw. but it wasn't anything big...

is it possible (related to above) to make russia, prussia and austria along with other major factions have 1st rates (about: 100 guns ships)?
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English is my second language, so, sorry for any spelling mistakes...
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  • ColfaxColfax Senior Member Posts: 967Registered Users
    edited August 2011
    Yes the Generals can be killed. However, it is very difficult. I had Bluecher get surrounded in hand to hand combat and was taken down. However, he went to the infimary and recovered and was ready for duty, in Berlin, 3 months later.
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  • The WeaverThe Weaver Senior Member Posts: 2,183Registered Users
    edited August 2011
    In one memorable campaign I killed Napoleon twenty times and he survived. I think it's a rare cross-over into fantasy. The leading generals in each faction are, in fact, vampires. That's why they wear those ridiculous hats - it's to stop the sunlight getting on their faces and burning them up. Notice Napoleon always wears a long grey coat into battle? Even in the desert? A dead (or should I say undead) give-away. It's only when you finally take that faction's last remaining city that your team of crack vampire slayers can storm the palace, find the coffin where the Undead General sleeps, and administer the requisite stake through the heart. I have a special team of Light Infantry for the purpose in each of my armies. When I'm playing the Brits I call it the Buffy Brigade. For all other factions, they're the Slayer Squad. But I'd really like to be able to take the Vampire Generals out with artillery before the end, so if anyone can come up with a howitzer mod that includes exploding holy water cannisters I'd be really grateful.
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  • djbbankadjbbanka Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    How can I change the number of soldiers in the group in the game settings?
  • zeentzeent Member Posts: 55Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    You can do this in the main menu settings.
  • CottCott Member Posts: 59Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    I once had Napoleon standing next to my cannons. The cannons were locked in on an enemy unit group and when that unit routed they ran passing by Napoleon. I was not paying attention so the cannons turned and auto-shot with Napoleon standing at its nozzle! It was the wildest execution that Europe could have dreamed then.
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