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Eastern Empires need some big changes!

KayhanShasaKayhanShasa Registered Users Posts: 3
Well done so far Total war team. my question is why you dont put enough effort to create the eastern empires just as they were back in the days? there are as much icons, pictures ,arkchitects and texts about the eastern civs at the time of Rome, as it is left from the romans themselves, Persians/Parthians with out mustache and earings .its like trying to draw a tiger without tail and lines. for someone who studies eastern culture and history these facts should not be forgotten about the eastern cultures, they infact had much more into their clothings, architects and militery advancements than western empires all the way into the start of bysantium. the bysantium culture and militery was without a daubt a mix of eastern and greeco-roman civilization. plz put more time to this, thx.


  • ikkiikki Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 132
    Oh and disney castles. All those disney fairytale castles with peaks and ladies with their peak hats & hat-cloths... its all roman. Specifically eastern roman, i literally fell off my chair laughing when i noticed it from various pictures. That compard to the squat western fortress castles. Meanwhile ERE was building the thin tall towers with peak roofs.
    No doubt with a princess growing a really long hair so some western wildling can come ravish.. sry rescue her.
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