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More Multiplayer options

KWR1995KWR1995 Registered Users Posts: 3
I am playing Total War for years now in Multiplayer. Espacially the Campaign. We are playing the campaign via Discord and are quite sad that we can't play with 4 Players. We would love to play against each other in two different teams. Furthermore we can't understand why we can't play our turn partial at the same time like in Shogun 2. We would love to be able to Build buildings, or do some diplomacy in the same turn. Moreover a slider to choose the battle difficulty in Multiplayer like in the singleplayer campaign would be very nice. I am not mad if you could'nt patch Warhmmer 2 to this, but I would be very happy if you could do this in Warhammer 3.

I hope I did not offend anyone, with this post.

So, regards


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