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What's the most uneven battle you ever faced in Shogun Total War and emerged victorious?

GreyFoxintheWildGreyFoxintheWild Posts: 1Registered Users
By uneven I mean battles where the enemy outnumbered you in either koku points or manpower yet you still won the battle. How did you win the battle? What was the terrain and weather like? How long did the battle take?


  • for_bretonniafor_bretonnia Posts: 1,616Registered Users
    I don’t remember. It’s been so many years.

    I have the type of memory where I could seem to maybe have a general vague pastoral of Warcraft 3 maps, and I could remember certain things from certain matches, but I do not remember every match, and at present it feels like I could not visualize anything, day dream like I could as a child, and indeed I bareley seem to remember the visual feel of shogun 1 at all. Mental performance Ebs and flows, and perhaps after a good nights sleep, I’d picture things better, but even now I could still recall digits or do math in my head on a reasonably uncommon level, though I could not mentally whiteboard it

    That seems to be the way my mind is more inclined now, able to manipulate simple sequences, but very trapped in my surroundings on a visual level and unable to remember a different scene

    I guess I could still look at something and understand what it would look like on the other side of a room. I could probably ace on IQ test. But I cannot visualize anything.

    I feel trapped
  • GrantdemGrantdem Member Posts: 120Registered Users
    Probably some kind of bridge battle. Have definitely beaten some much larger armies.
    Like 6 defenders against a full stack, though there were probably loads of ashigaru attacking.
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