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Elder scrolls overhaul

LaffettLaffett Registered Users Posts: 6
Ok... so, I am a huge fan of high fantasy in general, Warhammer is of course easily one of the best out there, but I am also a rather immense fan of Elder scrolls, and there was quite the extremely popular elder scrolls overhaul for Medieval 2 back when it was released in the dark ages.

So, I am wondering, does an overhaul exist for Warhammer 2? Is one in the works? Anyone want to talk and possibly take action to get it in the works?

If it exists, I want it, if it's in the works, I want to throw money at it to make it go faster, and if it doesn't exist.... I would like to "exist" it with money.

of course, the draw is the extensive lore and possibilities.

Instead of chaos invading, we of course have the dozens of times the daedra invaded or attacked, even the dragons returning. But again, there are some features I would really like to see implemented, as would we all.

Like for instance, in Elder scrolls, it has long since been a factor of lore and history that once conquered by another nation, your resources and even your troops can end up in their army. This could easily be done with specialty buildings in enemy nation capitals.

And just think of the quest battles and weapons. Daedric and Aedric artifacts you have to throw armies into to get. The trade off being that they are retardedly powerful, but cause Daedric corruption

Building temples of worship that give huge unique bonuses to various types of soldiers but cause diplomatic issues or even nerfs to other soldier types in your armies.

Talos shrine drastically increases leadership, attack, and defense in nord and imperial forces but effectively halves leadership for Aldmeri soldiers in your army.

That kind of stuff...

So... what do ye think?


  • CA_OtherTomCA_OtherTom Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 328
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. An Elder Scrolls mod for any Total War title is a technical infringement of the EULA (that you can read on the steam store page for the game).

    I would highly recommend that you do not invest your time into creating such a mod because we will be legally obliged to take it down from the Steam Workshop.

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