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COOP Skills Reset with newest patch

IlethraIlethra Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v.1.5.1

Detailed description: So this problem started after we downloaded the new patch. We both downloaded it the 28.01.19 and we started up our coop campaign on mortal empires. We play dwarves (One as Clan Angrud and one as Dwarfs). We have characters at level 30 and several above 20, but most of the skillpoints in Character and on Battle has been removed since its skills was changed in this patch, but we didn't get out points back, it just removed them. So now I have a Thorgrim Grudgebearer at level 30 with 10 points in total.

Reproduction Steps:
- No reproduction steps.


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Didn't work loading back to previous savefiles.

Please attach .replay for Battles or both .save_multiplayers from host and client for Campaign.
This one I don't know how to do. I don't have the savefiles on my end.


  • ArkamitArkamit Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited January 2019

    This was to be expected as they changed the skill trees and can't refund points in lost skills.

    You can fix the issue by using the BETA option in steam to revert to the pre-festag patch, loading a save and completing the campaign before updating the game again.
    The coast_beta is probably the one you want.

    It is highly recommended that you start a new campaign unless you were opted into the beta. Since a large number of skills have been reworked, any points invested in skills prior to the Festag Update are likely to be lost in an existing save game.

    norsca_beta – This is for those who wish to remain on the most recent update prior to Vampire Coast release, as multiplayer save games from before Vampire Coast release will be incompatible when updated to Vampire Coast.
    coast_beta – This is for those who wish to remain on the most recent update prior to the Festag update, in order to continue with existing save games, which will not have any skill changes so existing Lord skills choices will be preserved.
  • Kjones623Kjones623 Registered Users Posts: 1
    This freaking sucks! My friend and I have completely rage quit our file when our level 14 characters got nerfed and had only 2 skill points left apiece. This isn't a small issue, our characters went from dominating the battlefield to being squishy sacks of lard not worth the time of day it took to build them up to that point. Is there seriously no official fix to this!!? Overnight it is like our characters lost 12 entire levels and we didn't even get to redistribute the points. Is there honestly not a way for the system to do a check, see what level the characters are at, determine if they have all skill points, and if not- dump them into unused skill points??? Please patch or fix or something because as of now we are extremely dissatisfied with this update that we had no way of knowing about without combing the forums.

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