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Steel Faith Overhaul Unit Spam

Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 10
On our playthrough, we have encountered a number of problems using this mod.
FIrstly factions like Tilea, Tobaro, Lyonnesse, unit spam like crazy. There is no feasible way they can upkeep those units at all. Lyonnesse is making 500 a turn through its only settlement plus 2500 base income, it has 3 armies, 1 full stack and the others around 12 - 14 stack. There is no way ever that they are sustaining those armies. Tilea are doing the same too. With the Garrison upgrade as well, there will be 2 armies standing on a 20 stack garrison when you encounter any of the weak 1 settlement factions and its terrible.

They shouldn't be that strong and shouldn't be unit spamming or be able to sustain that level of army capacity. I know there is difficulty but that is over the top bad.


  • Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    I would also like to point our of Lord spawning. Bordelaux just took a settlement with their only army, suddenly out of no where in the main base, they have a 18 stack army. From no where.

    This also occurs with AI awakening other factions. Bordelaux awakened Artois and they start with a 12 stack army or so in that settlement. This isn't balanced whatsoever and its frustrating.
  • Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    Also another thing we have encountered, when my hero travels across the world to dig treasure, all these factions, they somehow discover that my ally is alive and declare war on him even though they should have no knowledge of his existence and also should be so far away that the AI should have little interest in fighting. But to make matters worse, no only do they declare war from miles away, they actually march an army.

    This is a huge bug, the AI shouldn't discover my team mates existence because they saw my hero. They don't even declare war on me, only on my team mate.

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