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CA SKILL TRAVESTY (rework desperately needed)

cupcakeeecupcakeee Registered Users Posts: 31
As with most players, I'm fed up with the skill trees. The choices are lackluster, and almost no effort is made on the Red skill trees to make them useful or lore-based.

Alarielle the Everqueen acts as a unique character who uses Dryads, Treekin and Treemen in her armies, and yet none of the red skills impact or buff these characters.

STOP SPLITTING RED TIER SKILLS into skills by UNIT by LIST. Just give a skill that does +5% damage to ranged, +5 defense for melee. Currently the system that gives +5 to Sword masters of Hoeth, Pheonix Guard, basically BY LIST, doesn't work, because it's not expansive and needlessly cumbersome.

Give each lord UNIQUE RED SKILLS.

The skills should expand the lore, add visual and behavioral changes to lords, and impact MORE INTERESTING STATS than melee skill and any other skill they use currently. What if a skill increased the likelihood of an AOE attack? Or increased the AOE by significant margins?

The key for skills is this:
1) Creativity.
2) Lore-fleshing, deeply considered archetypes.
3) UNIQUE SKILL EFFECTS (example, the handmaiden's gain a skill that increases the arrow piercing chance, or that gives her a rapid fire, Legolas mode, maybe a skill to increase her firing arc, anything that feels impactful)
4) Skill effects greater than 5% increases, each point's impact should be discernible while playing. CA is notoriously stingy with skills.
5) Consistent quality. Don't fudge a single skill. Copy+Pasted Legendary Lords is unacceptable, since uniqueness is a part of the interest.

Right now most of the CA commander skills feel like lazy passes, with obvious exceptions being some of the excellent Vampire Coast and Tomb King Legendary Lords. Even these Lords aren't really complete by most standards.

If we're to have a significant, successful relationship between CA and their game, we need to have Loremasters working to complete all areas of the game. Right now the Lord Skills is an under-utilized, and quite frankly MESSY and HAND-JOBBED mess of copy+paste and wasted opportunity.

Thank you for reading,
May the good times roll.

P.S. CA your fans will continue to be bitchy until you start actually implementing our feedback improvements.


  • cupcakeeecupcakeee Registered Users Posts: 31
    The lack of new skill effects and skill-writing is laziness.
  • cupcakeeecupcakeee Registered Users Posts: 31
    If you guys were doing Lord reworks one at a time, I'd be ok with it. How long should it take for 1 person to do it, though? If a modder wanted to make a Legendary Lord totally unique, all of their skills, it would take them a week per lord. TOPS. If not even a day. How hard could it possibly be?
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,646
    To the OP, let's wait for someone to respond before you begin hammering the thread with repetitive comments. OK
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  • cupcakeeecupcakeee Registered Users Posts: 31
    Thanks, all my comments were within a couple moments of each other, I didn't know how to edit my post. Won't happen again, boss.

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