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processor for 3K

kacimkacim Posts: 1Registered Users
edited December 2018 in Technology
Hello, i actually have a gtx 1050 ti and a processor i5 2400 3.10, i will switch for an I3-4170 @ 3.7ghz do you think ill be able to play medium graphic with not too much loading moment for battle, and turn campagn?

thx for your answer


  • doinwork34doinwork34 Technical Moderator Colorado, USPosts: 2,893Registered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators
    loading times will be affected by your hard drive. It will be pretty slow unless you have even a cheap SSD.

    the video card should net you medium settings, its too early to tell exact frame rates but I think it should be decently smooth on medium and maybe even some high settings mixed in.

    As for the CPU, the i5 is much better than that i3. There is only two generations between the two and having 2 extra cores is going to help a ton more than a slightly newer architecture.

    Save the money and buy an SSD for starters if you dont have one already.
    Good to go for Rome II! CPU: i5 3570k @ 4.0ghz GPU: GTX 760 4gb @1215MHz-RAM: 8GB1600 Ballistix TracerPSU: Corsair HX750w
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