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New launcher - few suggestions

RubixPowerRubixPower Registered Users Posts: 11
edited January 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
Hello there !
I downloaded launcher_openbeta some time ago and it looks sick !
I am posting this because i have some cool suggestions about the new launcher.

The pictures of the games could be a little bigger if that is possible..

- Groups (a feature that would allow you to make groups of mods. Like you could make a group for campaign map and for custom battles. These groups could have the same mods in it). This feature would make a lot easier to play with friends if you use different mods

- Date (when was the mod installed on the computer not when was updated/created)

***If people actually need it for something
- The drag and drop to order the mods is pretty awesome but wouldn't it be awesome if there was a feature to just type the number not drag it (i noticed that each mod has a number that indentifies the mod which is it on the list)


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