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Turning mod .pack file "private" freezes game on startup

LoveMakerLoveMaker Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello everyone!

I'm new here so if I did something inappropriate by posting this, it's out of ignorance. Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask about mods.

I recently wanted to make a small edit to SFO 2 (personal use only). The game would freeze on startup after editing the mod.
It's not the edit itself that's the problem, I only have to save the .pack file so that it turns "private" to make the game freeze.
You can see that it turns private by the little lock icon that appears on the .pack file icon.

If I uninstall the mod and redownload it, the game obviously stops freezing but I would like my little edits to be active :(

I have made other mods private and edited them for my own use without any problems before, it only happens with SFO 2.
I have asked Venris but so far he has not responded.

Would anyone be so kind as to explain what's happening here?


  • CA_OtherTom#5812CA_OtherTom#5812 Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 272
    Have you de-activated the original SFO mod? Crash on start-up sounds like you have a mod conflict.

    Either that, or some of the edits you have made have broken dependencies with other tables (SFO 2 is an extensive mod).

    You may get more help on the C&C modding discord (I've linked to it a few times on this forum already)
  • LoveMakerLoveMaker Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited February 2019
    The only mod used is SFO 2.
    I don't think it's the edit itself. The reason is because I don't need to change any values permanently.


    In unedited SFO mod the value is -25. If I change it to -60, press enter, change it back to -25, press enter and then save, nothing is edited in the mod as far as I'm aware.
    The .pack file is now "private". This causes the game to freeze on startup.

    It does not matter what value I change. Recruitment time, AP damage and everything else. This is why I'm thinking it has to do with the file becoming "private" since it's the only thing that's changed.

    Thanks for the response though! I'll look into the discord thingy.
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