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The best mods for a new Empire campaign.

xXMr-GavinXxxXMr-GavinXx Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 23
Hey guys, I've currently just wrapped my High Elves campaign and I'm feeling nostalgic about playing the Empire again...let's just say it's been a while but I do remember how absolutely horrific it started to get when I mounted an expedition outside of the Old World. My state troops tended to just...melt, when faced against some of the newer factions.

I'm looking for some mods to improve my experience in my new campaign as the Empire and I'd like to hear some suggestions on mods and hear what you guys think are the best mods for a TWWH2:ME campaign as the Empire.

I remember there being a specific mod called "A Professional Army for The Empire" or something that gave the Empire better looking, armored state troops that didn't just crumble in a battle line, anyone know if that mod is still around?
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