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Huge fps drop with Blood dlc

RoldegarRoldegar Registered Users Posts: 10
edited September 2018 in Performance & Graphics
Hello, I'm experiencing a huge fps drop using the blood effect during battles. Around 20 fps in actual battles, Skaven benchmark does get around 30 fps difference between blood on and off.
I have to point out that Zooming in does produce the fps drop to around 28fps, otherwise I whould have a stable 60-50 fps.
My system is more than capable of handling the game:
i7 4790, Geforce Gtx 1070ti 8gb, 16 gb ram.
In fact TW Warhammer 1 with blood works perfectly even with huge amount of units on screen.
I'm wondering if I do have something wrong or is the game giving my CPU a hard time. I understand that TW Warhammer 2 is way more demanding than the first title, but since I have a 1070ti that is more than enough to handle any graphic improvement over TWW1 and I don't know if the blood in TWW2 has any significant change over the first one to actually hit my CPU performance so much.

Game build: 1.4.1 build 7450.1400824


  • makar55makar55 Registered Users Posts: 2,955
    I think its known issue and been already mentioned here few times. Moreover I remember 1 guy proved it by videos.
  • DMA64DMA64 Registered Users Posts: 71
    I did a quick test with the skaven benchmark and a 10-15 fps lose seems to be normal.
    You could try the "Less blood, less gore!" mod from the steam workshop, you might even find this to be better looking.
  • gekj#8548gekj#8548 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 411
    edited February 2019
    This issue is here since TW1. blood and gore can cause massive gpu usage drop in battle.

    It's more effective on certains factions. I've noticed the worses are norsca, chaos warrior and tomb kings.

    for exemple 2 screens with blood on and off. Battle is paused with same zoom/angle :

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