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Massive Amount of Chaos Dwarf Fan Content (Link-compilation)

The website Chaos Dwarfs Online has been a most fertile creative hobby hub for over a decade, now. Please, developers, take some note of its ideas for your upcoming treatment of the baleful empire in the Dark Lands that is built upon brutal oppression and relentless slave-fed industry. It is a ravenous entity, and its fans have produced a great deal of material to be inspired by, aside from official GW material.

To recap most of the highlights in links:

MadHatter's Khaozalid Dictionary, Grimstonefire's Liber Chaotica: Hashut, Thommy H's army book and Revlid's scribblings, not to mention artwork and homebrew conversions of every conceivable variety.

Chaos Dwarf Stories, Momumental Inscriptions, Quotes, Proverbs, Fables and Songs.

You'll find CDO to be a creative hobby hub with both writers, artists, sculptors and general enthusiasts being drawn to it like beasts to a water hole. One current going-on is Raul Gomes slaving away in an art course, refining his techniques and producing a wealth of outstanding Chaos Dwarf artworks.

See also community artwork compilation & maybe also 10 years of CDO (thank Photobucket for that image salvage operation, bloody hell!). Some of the Chaos Dwarf stories are illustrated, not least by J. Lewenhagen.


  • Karak_Norn_ClansmanKarak_Norn_Clansman Registered Users Posts: 7
    More or less the entire backstory writing corpus has been copied and backed-up on this site: Post with link compilations, for much easier overview

    In case anyone would like some dark bedtime reading. ;)


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