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Map and AI Suggestion

TempestWolfTempestWolf Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 912
Hey people of CA that may never read this post, I have a sort of a suggestion for map creation and an attempt at AI improvement:

I don't know if it is possible or not... but, you know how you can paint inaccessible areas on the map, and how you can designate control zones. Would it be possible to add more of these zones?

Say adding lane zones, archer zones, chokepoint zones, artillery zones, and have the AI make decisions based on these zones... where the enemy is in relation to them, etc. This will help tremendously with custom maps... and I would wager even with the current maps it would make the AI act more naturally and interesing.
We kill-slay all surface-things yes yes? Wait... no no... beard-things are not not surface-things... kill beard-things too... and surface things... yes yes.

I add this image of Ikit Claw to beak up the monotony that threads can fall into (except the screenshot one). I take no credit for it and the author seems to be watermarked on it.


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