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Treasury bug (The Empire).

MasterSayo01MasterSayo01 Registered Users Posts: 212
edited February 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I have noticed a bug in the treasury of the Empire. When I recruit units in an army (see picture 4) then you see at the treasury "recruitment" an amount (see pictures 2 + 3).
And when I remove it again (see pictures 5 + 6) then I receive the money back, but at the treasury "recruitment" is still standing the amount of the troops (see picture 7).
This is not right, because there must not any amount at the treasury "recruitment".

I have the festtag update (see picture 1). And I never use any "beta" updates. Also I never use any mods.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Picture 5.

Picture 6.

Picture 7.

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  • CanadianNewbCanadianNewb Registered Users Posts: 35
    That is not technically a bug because you get your money back and if you end turn you wont have that expense instead the game simply needs to update there are alot of treasury bugs like that where the game only needs to update but it should be correct :)
  • MasterSayo01MasterSayo01 Registered Users Posts: 212
    Maybe it isn't technically a bug, but some kind of another bug. :|
    I have noticed only this treasury bug by the Empire and I play only the faction The Empire. So, I don't any other treasury bugs. Even for the other factions in Warhammer II.
    I hope so that they fix this bug in a new update for this game. :/

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