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Adding a Legendary Lord for all four great skaven clans

BrightestLightBrightestLight Registered Users Posts: 513
That would be three more. We already have clan Pestilens, so we would need Ikkit claw for clan Skyre, Thrott the Unclean for clan Moulder, and Deathmaster Snikch. Do people think this will happen? I'm just really really wanting to make sure CA does this


  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 472
    I'd agree with Skryre and Moulder, but not Eshin. Territorial open warfare isn't really their thing and also not necessary for them. They reach their goals through covered operations and no one outside skavendom does really know enough about them to pose a threat. Skaven on the other hand are never stupid enough to cross Eshin. Besides Snikch isn't really a leader.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 1,951
    edited February 2019
    @LennoxPoodle I've heard people say he has a rule on Table top that prohibits snikch from being a general but I've also heard that elsewhere he actually is a general in the lore. The Skaven have crossed Eshen before as well, didn't they have a civil war with pestilens?

    Open warfare isn't really their thing but the same can be said for Alith Anar who is the high elf equivalent and he got in. Unorthodox playstyles make for the most interesting factions.
  • doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 1,517
    To OP
    Great idea. Seconded. About the Eshin LL
    High Executioner Veskit is my pick
    I WANT my Ninja Rats
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 472
    @SeanJeanquoi I'm not sure about the lore, but Snikch is described as an expert assassin and has no leadership position whatsoever as far as I am aware. The thing is, that Alith anar might work through ambushes and such but Eshin will rather use manipulation, poisoning, assasinations and other such methods which are mostly represented by agent actions. Also their territory is actually in Nippon FAR away from any part of the warhammer world we'll ever see in game. Think of them as something like the faceless men. Any warlord ever trying to do anything against will most likely die in his sleep very soon.

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