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Siege Tower Pathfinding Bug

harngersteinharngerstein Registered Users Posts: 822
I got the game for cheap after holding out for a while. I'm actually enjoying it despite the battle AI and the flat rosters. But this thread is for a specific question:

How are people getting around the siege tower pathfinding? If I knock down the gate, I can pretty much ensure that no units will use the siege towers and all cluster around the gate and its oil. This has almost lost me two battles and I am really frustrated as it was a bug that was fixed in Atilla and didn't exist in Warhammer.

I am reading online that this bug has been present since launch and apparently still exists. It was also written as improved in the last set of patch notes. However, I'm not seeing how this could be an improvement. CA, comments?


  • ExarchExarch Registered Users Posts: 588
    If you walk your unit to the base of a tower, then order it to go to the wall at the top of the tower when there are no other units already on the tower it *should* work. It seemed to for me in the first couple of patches anyway.
  • mfr001mfr001 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 217
    The simplest solution is to leave the gates alone. Use siege towers only, and try to clear space on the ramparts for the units about to arrive.

    The problem is, I believe, caused by the more difficult pathfinding problem in the variety of siege maps in Britannia which means that if gates are open or destroyed the AI will automatically use the simpler route regardless of oil. In an earlier thread, a number of possible solutions were discussed. but each was likely to cause problems elsewhere, as I recall.
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