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It's supposed to be tomorrow...

epic_159732489858zE2g60qepic_159732489858zE2g60q Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3,314
... but now it isn't. 😔

Anyway, if the game is not delayed and supposed to be released tomorrow, what faction will you start with? Which mode will be your first campaign.

For me, I still have no idea whom I gonna start with though I'll definitely will play the romance mode.

I dont have any favorite faction to start with for the first time in my Total War history. 😁


  • LESAMALESAMA Member Registered Users Posts: 1,721
    Yeah a sad day but on the other hand looking at the streaming’s good that ca made the call to postphone. Lot’s of bugs still present and also some balancing I think.

    Factions I will start with are Yuan Shao due to his captain mechanic which I really like. Next is Cao Cao and than dong zhou. Perhaps I’ll also try lui bei although he holds less appeal as the ultimate good guy.
  • lilpopelilpope Registered Users Posts: 78
    Romance mode all the way & Sun Jian will be my first play through, defo my fav factiion
  • OperativOperativ Registered Users Posts: 31
    I'll exclusively play only on the Romancing mode, and my first character might be Liu Bei, largely due to nostalgic reasons from Fate of the Dragon (a 2001 game).
  • YaafmYaafm Registered Users Posts: 1,276
    edited March 2019
    HA! Was going to make the same post! I really hope they do some nice content drop tomarrow as I'll be off work on my vacation I booked for the game. :p

    Would really love some 3K forum avatars. Or maybe show off TWO characters start pos instead of just one? OR HEY, maybe tomarrow they could discuss the unit sizes? Something...

    Sorry, little bitter. I will be playing glorious romance mode . Of course I'll be playing the only Warlord who is grand enough, great enough, cunning enough, and the only warlord legitimate enough rule china as the one true emperor, Yuan Shu.

    Have already made multiple plans on what I want to do to start. Dying to play.
  • TetrewTetrew Registered Users Posts: 70
    So I started AC: Origin instead 3K and I love it so far. So beatiful and full of details. Fact they dropped the historical experience in for free really biased me to loving Ubisoft again. (then I saw gameplay of new Far Cry yesterday...yay)

    From what I am seeing - they really needed this time to make this great really good. I think we will see nice landing, great ratings and with some modding even brilliant experience.

    On the other hand - I hope there will be no letdown with the default united sizes. I mean - - - maybe being little paranoid they will throw some bad news (another delay or something) at us agin. Crossing fingers this will not happen.
  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,066
    edited March 2019
    Going for romance mode first time around, then one in historical mode.

    Sun Jian, Zheng Jiang or Gongsun Zan is the options i've marked. I dunno which of the 3 yet as they all got attractive points.

    Sun Jian starts nicely in the south and has his plethora of children. Plenty of territory to take too. He's also one of my favourite characters of the setting alongside Zhao Yun.

    Zheng Jian is lauded as one of the hardest, if not the hardest, start. Playing as an anarchist chick sounds like lots of fun too. I think she would be very interesting as a first pick. But logic dictates her as something i might enjoy even more later.
    the start position highlight made me even more interested in playing her than i was.

    Gongsun Zan starts nearly in a corner, easily defended. Starts with Zhao Yun! White horses. Seems like the easy "first time play" option to learn the intricates of the game.

    It'll be one of the 3. :) More likely Sun Jian, less likely Zan, Zheng in the middle of the sandwitch.
  • epic_159732489858zE2g60qepic_159732489858zE2g60q Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,314
    I actually havent played any Total War games since early this year (well maybe a few turns here and there for Wafhammer and Shogun 2) in anticipating for tomorrow. Luckily I bought XCOM 2 and Witcher 3 during the lunar sale so I guess maybe I should finish those games before May comes.

    Watching the 2010 Three Kingdom tv series at the moment but still cant decide who to play.

    In many TW games I usually start with my least favorite faction except RTW and TWR2 where I almost exclusively plays the Romans so that I will not get bored with the game quickly.

    Maybe I'll start with either the Yellow Turban guys or the Lady General.

    I'll save Cao Cao, Liu Bei and the Suns until maybe after further updates and patches which usually by that time the game will be much better.

  • MarcusLiviusMarcusLivius Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 645
    I think I will likely play Cao Cao, or Sun Jian will likely be first.

    However, a more diplomatic play though with Kong Rong might also win out as first. It will be fun to really put the diplomatic and trading changes to the test.
  • KruegerCondailKruegerCondail Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    Well from the state of the livestream I am happy they decided to push it back. If the game was released in that state today we may have had another Rome 2 on our hands.

    In my youth when i played dynasty warriors I always liked to play the guys who weren't associated with the big three factions so I will personally be playing yuan shao as my first play thru followed by the big donger himself. After that I'm sure campaigns with liu baio, ma teng, yuan shu and guan du will follow.
  • unicornvalleyunicornvalley Registered Users Posts: 117
    Sad topic! and this second delay is really trying my patience.
    Then again, I thought I would not complain about anything as long as I can get my hands on the game, but seeing that it crashed so often in the stream, maybe it is better to wait at least for CA to fish out all the crashes.

    Back on the topic, romance mode with Liubei will be my first playthrough. Watching the stream, the record mode is just another TW game with better graphics and some interesting mechanics, but the romance mod is made for 3K, and to relive the story of one of the protagonists of the book is my way to start. I like things classy;)
  • epic_159732489858zE2g60qepic_159732489858zE2g60q Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,314

    So sad....

    I tried to launch the game from Rome II launcher. 😂
  • Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 2,409
    Yellow Turbans... rush to victory... until I can play Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu :)
    "I am the punishment of Tengri, if you had not sinned, he would not have sent me against you." - Chenghis Khan Temujin
  • tfwoods3tfwoods3 Registered Users Posts: 844
    I think this will be the first time I play more than just Cao Cao. I would also like to try Liu Bei and Sun Jian. As well as Dong Zhuo
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