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Whats Yours Dark elves and tomb kings builds guys?

MrProsMrPros Registered Users Posts: 19
Hello there Lads!
I was playing a DE and TK campaign lately and I had a blast. Then i jumped on multiplayer with them and it seems that i cant find a balanced builds that are just right. I dont want to bring cheese every game so Im asking You for some balanced build that can match other balanced builds and are fun

Thanks for answering
Sending my regards ^^


  • Green0Green0 Registered Users Posts: 5,973
    edited January 2019
    Tomb Kings something like

    Settra on appropriate mount (your choice), Arkhan on horse with Spirit Leeh

    always at least 6-8 Skeleton Warriors/Spearmen (they're there to die, they're unbreakable, sort of). In some matches you might want Tomb Guard (e.g. HE) but it's rare.

    Something to deal with infantry (e.g. Tomb Scorpions).

    Something to deal with armor (I like 4x archers with 1x RoR that gives armor sundering, others pick constructs, it's also a bit matchup-dependent).

    Lore of Light is good in blob fights where you stack your constructs on top of infantry, lore of Nehekhara has spammable spells like Neru's that allow you to proc the lore passive healing. Also has an AoE Enfeebling Foe that is pretty strong, pretty much equivalent of Pha's protection from lore of Light.

    I advise you disregard all Catapults (trash), Casket of Souls (very situational and generally I'm not so sure who would bring heavy infantry vs TK anyway), cavalry (Horsemen Archers and Nehekhara Horsemen are good but don't pick any of the remainder in the beginning as they're very situational and generally "bad").

    So in general, while you should adjust builds to your opponent, your "generic" build looks like this:

    1-2 Necrotect depending on whether you have constructs (he has healing ability)
    6-8 Skeleton Spearmen/Swordsmen
    1-2 Tomb Scorpions (if you expect heavy infantry)
    1-2 Bow Ushabti (counter cav and single entities to a degree especially with nets from lore of Light). RoR Bow Ushabti are good too.
    a few horsemen/carrion/missile cav
    archers if you want

    You probably won't fit everything so you'll need to make choices.

    On DE roster I feel that pretty much anything is playable at this point but you need to play a "balanced" build (unless you play specific builds like Lotus), i.e. invest a bit in anti-infantry, a bit in anti-large, a bit in lords, think about how you're gonna win the cav engagement, what you will do vs skirmishers/archers and how you plan to win (or hold) the frontline. So for example builds such as 2x War Hydra start to be extremely specific here and you probably want to avoid them as a beginner.
  • konosmgrkonosmgr Registered Users Posts: 161
    When I bought TK a month or so ago I thought it would be an easy and straight-forward faction but alas they are not. They actually got a lot of tricks up their sleeves. To start with, I think half the roster is subpar(e.g sepuchral stalkers, kephra guard, nekehara warriors, tomb prince, bone giant ( he tends to overshoot monsters which makes him miss a hell of a lot more than he would normally, like try it vs the rotten-levathian and see how often he misses, it's hilarious). What I do more than half of the time is bring
    Setra with all his abilities except the last, the first 2 spells, and the last item.
    1-2x tomb guard
    1-2x tomb guard with halberds
    5x skeleton spearmen
    1x nekeharan horsemen (the 650g dudes)
    2-3x ushabti GB

    Sometimes I might bring a couple archers or carrion.
    The GB are the back-bone of the army and settra is very good at running around and applying his debuff on the frontline. Since your infantry is mainly there to hold, you do need to have some killing power. I also generally bring a tomb scorpion with necrotect support and sometimes ushabti. Generally I have found the necrosphinx a bit wonky and sluggish, underperforming vs cavalry and inf but doing well vs single entities such as the hellpit abomination.
  • reizennnreizennn Registered Users Posts: 21
    I'll tell some words from Tomb Kings side.
    It depends on what you consider balanced and what you call cheese, but the core of most TK builds are, as guys correctly said:
    - Settra if you're afraid of lord sniping, Arkhan if you're not
    - 1 to 3 ushabti great bows to deal with cav and monsters
    - 1 or 2 tomb scorpion to deal with inf and cause terror on frontline, very good unit
    - a bunch of skellies to hold the front and skelly spears to hold the back
    Tomb guard is good too if you want to actually win the frontline.
    Also light cav and carrion are very cheap and unbreakable, feel free to add some for backline pressure.

    Some matchup specific things to consider:
    Against the Empire you want archers to pressure their arty and guns (or light cav to run it over) and something antilarge near your lord to deal with griffin snipe.
    Against Greenskins, Beastmen and Skaven you won't have problems as you're undead and they have low LD.
    Matchup against Davi is very tough, however, you can try to win with rush-rush builds.
    Against Chaos and Norsca it's also tough as you will lose your frontline very fast and you also have no advantage in monsters department. Don't really know how to approach this, maybe someone here can tell.
    Against Bret I think you'd better to use box with tomb guard and ushabti GB since they struggle to deal with it.
    Against DE its easy most of the time, just take ushabti GB and chariots and they're doomed.
    Against HE from my experience your balanced build will probably lose against their balanced build, and you need to use something extreme.
    Against WE and LM you can go many ways and the result depends on their build and map, so can't say any general words here.
    Against Vampires and Vampirates I don't know really, but going monsters heavy against Vampires and infantry heavy against Vampirates will be good, I think.
  • ystyst Registered Users Posts: 6,964
    Be careful with overuse of skellies. Many times u really need tomb guards. Or a simple units like 2-3 greatswords alone can clean ur front out. Corsairs, sauruses etc, those r the things u need 1 tomb instead of 2 skeletons
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  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Registered Users Posts: 2,605
    edited January 2019
    And be careful thinking Ushabti GB and chariots will carry the day vs DE. 1 BT will beat 1 GB and is 400 cheaper, and a couple of black guard will beat off your non AP chariots all day.
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  • reizennnreizennn Registered Users Posts: 21
    Maybe DE matchup seems too easy because I don't meet skilled DE players on ladder, but most of the time they struggle to catch and seriously damage chariots if they don't bring cav heavy build. And if they don't catch them, chariots and Arkhan with his summon and FoB destroy any infantry, darkshards and BT, and Ushabti GB with some spears covering them destroy DE cav and lord.
    If you have another view on this matchup, tell us, because probably you have more experience with it.
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Registered Users Posts: 2,605
    TK have always been very weak to elite halberds, that’s why the best factions to take them on (other than Dawi) are HE, DE and Chaos. As DE you can run a x-bow dreadlord to keep Arkhan out of bjuna range, and fire sorc can fireball him while burning head mows through skels as they swarm your black guard. I layer my black guard across my BT crew so chariots do minimal dmg, but I do like 1 COK to counter charge.
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)
  • Green0Green0 Registered Users Posts: 5,973
    at the same time, TK have good counters to elite halberds in the form of FoB, Bow Ushabti which none of the factions with strong halberds really have a hard counter to, Bone Giant, front and rear follow-up charges with regular and summoned Ushabti.
  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Registered Users Posts: 8,683
    I think his asking for TK and DE builds as in TK, DE builds not TK vs DE builds.
  • MrProsMrPros Registered Users Posts: 19

    I think his asking for TK and DE builds as in TK, DE builds not TK vs DE builds.

    Yeah, that correct. I still enjoy advices about this matchup tho ^^

  • ShetlandApacheShetlandApache Registered Users Posts: 407
    the all around build i use is fairly similar to Konosmgr:

    Settra on kitty with middle 2 abilities and first 2 spells
    2 necrotects with restore (1 also has first ability and -9ma item)
    2 ushabti
    2 tomb scorpions
    2 tomb guard halberds
    2 skeleton horsemen archers
    5 skeleton warriors
  • Otters007Otters007 Registered Users Posts: 940
    A Dark Elf melee rush build I have a lot of success with is;

    1x Death Hag (sometimes on cauldron sometimes not, depending on whether I think the opponent will pose a ranged threat)
    1x Khanite assassin.
    4x dreadspears
    3x witch elves
    2x harganeth executioners
    3x dark riders

    Needs tweaking against certain factions, but it destroys infantry heavy builds, and deals with skirmishers and archers quite well thanks to the 3 dark riders.

    Even monster heavy builds I have found have struggled thanks to Morathi's debuffs, magic and armour piercing anti-large. The 4 dreadspears are also quite helpful against such builds, and the two heroes also provide debuffs, witch elves can make monsters/cav rampage and executioners have armour piercing.

    Its a build that is far from perfect, and won't win against everything, but it is a balanced build that can deal with many situations. I've had a lot of success with it and is good fun and not difficult to use well. Certainly worth a try for a beginner learning the ropes of DE multiplayer play.

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