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Total war like/better Age of empjres (about system of battles)

FranzlomonacoFranzlomonaco Registered Users Posts: 11
Hi guys, I have a lot of ideas but only one I speak now.
I play from shogun 1 and I play all your games.. but not Warhammer 2.. so I have my good age to speak about. :blush:

I would like to see next total war (or only a next little game) that have the system of selection of units in battle like age of empires.. so for example you can select a group of 300 men or 306 men or why not only 10 men and give them the commands like formation/attack/defende/move (or any classic total war command or a command to create classic unit of 40/80/120/160 men).

For example if u select a group of simple legionaries with one or two centurions you can give them a better formation with more organized lines. If u select a group of legionaries and not select a centurion u can't give them a formations but u can give them a formation more organized than they were barbarian.. so for example a centurion can organize a unit of a certain maximum number of men. (In cossacks there are also the drummer or a trumpeth man for a more organized group).
So in this method u can have a more variety of organization of battle without loosing the wonderful organized battle of classical total war system. In substance u have a sistem more like Cossacks than age of empires.. and a fusion of the strategy games of course. Good to see or having and idea also Ultimate epic battle simulator or Black and white or the old Popullous if u remember!!

Thank you for read my simple idea. Bye

Sorry for my english


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