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Low FPS on new high end system

Dr_D_PhDDr_D_PhD Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi Everyone,

I've been having huge problems running TW: Warhammer II on my new system. It's running worse than my old PC. Please help me with this, it's basically the only game I still play to unwind.



Intel i7 8700
GiBy8GB D6 RTX 2070 Gaming OC 8G
SSD 500GB 530/550 860 EVOBasic SA3 SAM
D416GB 2666-16 Vengeance LPX bk K2 COR (16 GB DDR4 RAM)
be quiet! POWERZONE 850W ATX23
Windows 10 x64 Pro

Detailed description:
While The Witcher 3 is running butter smooth on ultra settings, Warhammer II is giving me horrible fps (<30 fps on campaign on ultra, <20 fps in battle). I first reduced all the details, all the way down to low quality, but that didn't help that much (going from 20 to 22 fps).

Looking into CPU throtteling, I checked my task manager and the Intel Extreme tuning tool, and both indicated the CPU was fine. The GPU on the other hand is running at 100%.

I don't understand how this can be. The benchmarks on websites indicate I should be getting close to 100 fps at 1080p.

Reproduction Steps:
- Start new Eye of Vortex campaign
- Start as Sartosa
- Recruit 6 units, start first battle



Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

Checked in the BIOS for CPU throttling, investigated the intel CPU tool during game, CPU doesn't seem to be the problem.

Reinstalled graphic drivers, was already at latest version. Newly installed game, so that can't be the issue.



  • Centurion581Centurion581 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Hi there
    I've just got a new system with an rtx 2070 and i7 9700k and peformance in wh2 is okay, not great sometimes drops to 50/45 fps etc (in melee, same for rest), Atilla down to 40/35, Thrones about 50/less and Shogun 2 down to 40 ish. Anyway there has been discussion recently about how with the latest Nvidia drivers there is some sort of memory leak (whatever that is) affecting fps to varying degrees with all cards but particularly rtx cards and their engine. I also noted that on the launcher it is telling me to update my drivers when they are the latest. Nvidia acknowledged the issue on their forum and said that they are looking into but this has been an issue for a few months. I think that the engine is not properly recognising the card, but I don't really know what I am talking about. Unfortunately all we can do is wait for Nvidia to sort it out. Rome 2 is the only one of the modern total war games I have found to work okayishly. But maybe i'm expecting too much of the engine, its single core nature particularly in the older games. I don't even know if fps drops like this are ordinary for any card, my settings certainly don't seem to affect it.
    One thing another post I saw said the main problem came from using any other aa than fxaa, so might be worth trying out fxaa if you have not already, other ones I've tried have not affected it much.
  • Dr_D_PhDDr_D_PhD Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip! One thing that helped a lot was a Runtime driver update, and now I get at least to the 45-50 fps that you get too.
  • Centurion581Centurion581 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Yeah sometimes it is better 55-60 Warhammer 2 certainly runs better than thrones/attila/shogun but not as high as I might expect with this card. Hopefully they'll sort it soon.
  • Matthewhill1993Matthewhill1993 Registered Users Posts: 103
    Ive sent CA a support ticket asking about this, Ill let you know what the response is within 24 hours :)
  • Matthewhill1993Matthewhill1993 Registered Users Posts: 103
    They know of no such issue, Ive sent them a link a to various pages and their own forum threads like this one to see what is going on.
  • Centurion581Centurion581 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Lol Grace has said on reddit Nvidia have been informed and Nvidia did say there are looking into idk besides I doubt CA can do anything about it anyway, gotta wait on Nvidia
  • Matthewhill1993Matthewhill1993 Registered Users Posts: 103
    Nvidia have said it’s an app problem, the forum link to GeForce confirmed it.
  • Matthewhill1993Matthewhill1993 Registered Users Posts: 103
    So I’ve got a response from CA.


    We asked the developers and got the information that the issue was not to do with memory leaks with the GPU's.

    Do you have still any issues or errors?

    Best Regards,

    SEGA Customer Support”

    Appearntly there is no issue.
  • Centurion581Centurion581 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Just tested Warhammer 2 again, it only dropped to 51 fps a couple of times in melee. idk I'm sure there is some kind of issue, to much talk on forums for there to not be, but we will have to have to wait and see, hopefully Nvidia will optimise it better maybe its just the engine or bad drivers. I really hoped Attilla would run better but that is a lost cause and i don't know why Shogun does not run well at all for me, everyone goes on about how well it runs for them! I have tried updating thread count etc which actually hurt warhammer performance so I might readjust them. Of course RTX cards do still seem to be having a few issues hopefully Nvidia can make them run better.
  • daztheman2017daztheman2017 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Just returned to the gamer after 3 months away. Using a GTX 980 I used to be able to play with AAx2 and ultra settings at 1080p, but now runs like a slideshow with either the most recent drivers or the ones in Feb - if I change the AA settings to FXAA it runs fine again, something those drivers are doing does not agree with TWWH2.

    I'm able to play Battlefield 5 and Elder Scrolls Online fine on high settings at 1080p.
  • Matthewhill1993Matthewhill1993 Registered Users Posts: 103
    I can only assume TWW2 is poorly optimised,

    I hope 3K will be better optimised on release, here’s hoping.

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