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Thoughts on Linux porting & multiplayer

StravienStravien Registered Users Posts: 1
To start I first want to state that I really enjoy the game. I have a huge respect for the Total War series and I'm a long time Warhammer fan, thus this game has been something really enjoyable. The game works, it's cool, the strategic gameplay is awesome and it brings the Warhammer world to life. Thumbs up for CA for bringing this game up and making it succeed big time.

The thing I want to talk here is porting this game to Linux and its effect on multiplayer. When I heard that there's a Linux port coming to Warhammer 2, I immediately bought the game (I use Linux Mint and gaming on it has been surprisingly sweet). It actually worked without any hassle and I was stoked that a major developer actually takes Linux gamers into consideration! This was cool! What was a huge lackluster though was the multiplayer in the Linux version. I was quite dissappointed when I noticed the hard way that there is no cross platform multiplayer...

I'm not able to play with my friends who play on Windows and because the vast majority of players play on Windows, the multiplayer community on Linux is practically dead. The same might also be true for Mac users I'm not sure. If you want to take a multiplayer battle on Linux, you can't, since there's no one else queuing on the quick battle and there are no hosted battles at all. Even though technically there is multiplayer, in practice the multiplayer doesn't exist for Linux players, which is a huge part of the game. In addition this was not clearly implied when I bought the game.

From the gamer point of view the solution is to try and make the Windows version of the game work on Linux. I know plenty of people have gotten it working through Lutris, but it's not a trivial task, I'm currently working on it myself. Some people have also gotten it working through Valve's Proton, but majority of people have reported it not working with it.

What I'm saying here, is that the Linux porting of the game was awesome, but in practice there is no multiplayer available for Linux users (and maybe Mac users). I'm not a game developer but I can understand that when gamers whine about the game not having everything possible, it's annoying as heck. My thoughts on this are that when you guys at CA are working on the Linux/Mac support issues on a game that features multiplayer as an essential part of the game, the cross platform multiplayer should also be considered. At the moment Lutris is my best bet to get to the actual multiplayer, at least in theory. I would be totally amazed if you guys could be able to co-operate with Valve to get this game working with Proton, since it would enable Mac and Linux users to play the same version of the game without any additional hassle. Overall, I think for the future Total War games it would be better for them to be playable through a common compatibility layer (like Proton), rather than making separate portings for other operating systems, since it would make the multiplayer possible for everyone.


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