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Modding AP damage in WH2

SentientPulseSentientPulse Registered Users Posts: 71
edited March 2019 in Community Mods

I am looking at the Data tables for units, specifically Land_Units_Tables

I am looking to alter the AP damage for a unit but cant see the option, i see armor values etc etc, where does AP damage dealt by units sit?, is it in land unit tables?

What is the AP damage column title?

Also where is the archer range in the tables?



  • ricmornricmorn Registered Users Posts: 232
    edited March 2019
    The AP damage of units is tied to their weapons. You're looking for melee_weapons_tables. You'll be able to find all the AP values for all melee weapons there. You can cross reference land_units_tables to find out what weapon they use under the primary_melee_weapon in land_units_tables. The column is simply called "ap_damage".

    e.g: if you're looking for Settra's weapon on foot, look at land_units_tables, find wh2_dlc09_tmb_cha_settra_0, look under primary_melee_weapon and you'll see wh2_dlc09_tmb_halberd_settra. You can then look in melee_weapons_tables to find wh2_dlc09_tmb_halberd_settra and change the values.

    For ranged units you need to look at projectiles_tables. In there the column "effective_range" will be the range of the ranged weapon. You'll also find projectile speed and AP damage of ranged weapons in projectiles_tables.

    Edit: I saw your other post after I made this. If you're modifying Shadow Warriors you can follow them the same way as melee units. Look in land_units_tables for primary_missile_weapon column. You should see their's is wh2_dlc10_hef_longbow_arrow_shadow. You can adjust the range with effective_range column. You can adjust regular/AP damage with damage/ap_damage columns respectively.

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