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Third person/First person

NetwikNetwik Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi i somehow know its impossible but just imagine that huge battle view by soldiers eyes, just imagine that battle side by side to soldiers. This feature could change whole total war series i mean it would be amazing.

I would like to hear ur opinions :smile:


  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Posts: 9,135Registered Users
    used to be part of total war actually. I think til Rome II that was possible.

    So no, it wouldn't change the whole series :tongue:
    Every wrong is recorded! Every slight against us! Page after Page, etched in blood! Clan Gunnison! Karak Eight-Peaks! Josef Bugman!

    Yes! to Boris Todbringer as playable, subfaction leading Legendary Lord with Starting Position Middenheim instead for the Empire! NO to the lazy way of moving Gelt and Volkmar who both belong to Reikland!

    Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him?
  • QuintoMaximoQuintoMaximo Junior Member Posts: 26Registered Users
    TheGuardianOfMetal, I think that he means to battle with them in first/third person, not only see from the perspective of a soldier but actually fighting as a soldier.

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