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Is influence bugged?

jimmy44jimmy44 Senior MemberPosts: 351Registered Users
I'm playing a campaign as King Alfred and I'm finding that political actions are not having any effect on my influence or those of my nobles. I seem to be stuck on influence 10 - I held a feast for my nobles which should have bumped me up plus 2 to 12 but I remain at 10. I tried to reduce the influence of one of my nobles from 10 but after a successful action he remained at 10?

also I find the maths doesnt add up when you add the plus and minus modifiers for influence. For example I have plus 17 influence modifier and minus 2 so I should have 15 influence but I only have 10.same issue with my nobles. Am I missing something or is this a known bug?



  • tak22tak22 Senior Member Posts: 2,386Registered Users
    Influence is capped at 10. You can't go higher, and any negative modifiers have to drop the total down to 9 if they're going to have any effect.

    Not a bug, just how the game is designed. It's actually quite helpful IMO to free up your faction leader for politics once he's over 10 without having to worry too much about his influence dropping.
  • jimmy44jimmy44 Senior Member Posts: 351Registered Users
    Thanks I worked it out.
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