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Amber Needs a Reform - Wood Elves

the_otselthe_otsel Registered Users Posts: 2
Dear CA & fellow gamers

When playing Mortal Empires in Warhammer 2 I never play Wood Elves though I love their army roster, lore and lords. This comes down to the fact that the amber system and the new environment system simply doesn't work well together. I like the idea of amber, but the resource should be changed radically into something more akin to High Elf Influence, Tomb King Canoptic Jars or/and dwarven oath gold. It should be a one-time payment, not an upkeep resource. These are my suggestions:

Make it so that WE's can settle provinces just like any other race. Perhaps the WE's could have a unique mechanic of converting their new provinces to Magical Forest environment, which should cost amber, but again, only as a one-time payment. Of course these Magical Forest provinces would revert to their original status once lost. Even if CA decides not to reform amber, it would make the WE's much more defensible.

Now, say amber is reformed into a different currency like oath gold. It could be used to:
- Upgrade the Oak of Ages (again only as one-time payments).
- Buy Amber-veteran units (much like with the lizardmen's blessed units)
- Create items for heroes and lords - mainly, spears, bows and some amber trinkets, and not in so great number and diversity as tomb kings and dwarves.
- Sylvan conversion - i.e. converting provinces to Magical Forest
- Unlock legendary lords. I am here thinking specifically of Ariel (preferably starting lvl 30 or some such). Could also be Legendary smith Daith, or twin Sisters Naestra and Arahan viceroys of Queen Ariel, or Araloth, the queen's champion, lord of Talsyn.

That's my main thoughts on what amber should be changed into, spending-wise. When it comes to gaining amber I also have some solutions:
- Captives from battle could be sacrificed to the Wildwood, Oak of Ages, etc. (Much like Tomb Kings)
- Athel Loren settlements could uniquely give a permanent income of amber every turn. More and more the higher the settlement level.
- Completing quests.
- Hero trait.
- Trade (somehow).

These are the most important changes I think Wood Elves need right now. I could mention some four or five more pages of suggestions on how to improve their playstyle, like new starting locations with new legendary lords, some tweaks to their roster, campaign mechanics related to rites, new technology tree, world-roots, wild-hunt, expansionist vs. isolationist playstyles, some more consequential high elf dilemmas etc., but this is quite ambitious, so let's leave it here.

You may notice that many of my suggestions already are in the game in some fashion or another. I don't know too much about programming, but I figured it would be easier to implement if some of the tweaks needed already existed. That's my 10 cents. What do you think is most vital for Wood Elves campaign? I'd like to hear your thoughts if you have any.


  • SpesstacoSpesstaco Registered Users Posts: 9
    Not to mention the settlement system is awful now that everyone can settle on any other land but wood elves have a limit on how they can upgrade those settlements. IT becomes a con with no pros. They should make it so that they can also finally upgrade the settlements as usual, or something that makes up for losing that ability that almost every other faction has.

    The amber thing i totally agree with
  • AltarielAltariel Registered Users Posts: 147
    I love wood elfs, but to hard play with they.... amber system and settlement is a pain

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