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The map I wish CA to do (picture)



  • VirantoViranto Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 453
    edited April 2019
    Carogna said:

    This is what I'd really like to see as the final map!

    this of course would be the best. But it would never happend. But ca can did that. We don't need so much provinces or unknown minor factions. For immersion a complete world is better, than 1000000 provinces in the empire, better as a cutted world. But maybe we would get a surprise in game 3. But i don't think so.

    It's so sad that we don't get any map editor. But yeah, lotr mods are forbidden and such things would come directly after this tools
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  • Sir_GodspeedSir_Godspeed Registered Users Posts: 2,268
    It's worth noting that this would quite significantly increase the landmass of Lustria - and could entirely alter the power balance there, which would require a good deal of playtesting.

    Ditto for Kroq-Gar's side of the Southlands.
  • AngmirAngmir Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,253
    edited April 2019
    Carogna said:

    This is what I'd really like to see as the final map!

    This is amazing and ... feasible !

    If CA wanted to- they could realy pull it off !

    I always imagined adding whole world would make current map 3-4 times bigger.

    You seemed to have fitted entire world into map that is only 2ce bigger than ME map.



    Even as the last DLC or something - this has to happen !
  • NeoYasNeoYas Registered Users Posts: 664
    edited April 2019
    Carogna said:

    This is what I'd really like to see as the final map!

    ME is already big and most people don't finish it I guess, and when the final combined map comes It will be even bigger, so what the point of having the whole world if you won't exploit it all? It would only work on smaller scale, with the current scale It's not realizable, not only due to gameplay reason but also due to technical reasons.

    So my idea is to keep the combined map as It is but with small expantions, a portion of Cathay area being the limit. Then if CA wants and It would be amazing they can make another campaign that include the whole Warhammer world, an expantion to game, but with a smaller scale, and maybe with new minor races.
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  • NeoYasNeoYas Registered Users Posts: 664
    I forgot to mention that in paralel with map expantion victory conditions should be reworked and more global event and mechanics added as well, so the campaign keeps being entertaining on late game.

  • ErathilErathil Registered Users Posts: 809
    I worry that expanding the map may ultimately be detrimental.

    I love the Vortex campaign, but it is really compartmentalized. Every single time I've finished it, I've controlled the majority of one continent and a few provinces of a second. You never even visit even half of the map.

    Mortal Empires is also great, but it drags on so long that it's a chore to actually finish. Granted, the biggest problem with Mortal Empires is end turn time. More territory, more factions, and more AI agents means a longer wait after every turn.

    That said... I do kind of like the OP's proposed expansion. I'm hoping for Araby to be added this game, and they could absolutely use some room in the Southlands. Similarly, the east coast of Lustria is getting awfully crowded; some of those factions would be better suited shifted elsewhere (Teclis would be much more at home on the Turtle Isles, for instance, and either Skrolk or Lokhir could be shuffled south to give people some breathing room there).

    I just watched the videos on the new settlements added this update, and I'm kind of struck by how... place-holdery the Western Jungles feel. Those should be south, off the map's edge, where the OP proposes expansion, but right now they've been added next to the Vulture Mountains. Even though the province is called the Western Jungles, they're still desert terrain, and they use settlement names lifted from the territory to the south. This kind of makes me think CA might actually push the boundary a bit south later on...
  • Federykx99Federykx99 Registered Users Posts: 562
    edited April 2019
    Carogna said:

    This is what I'd really like to see as the final map!


    So much this.

    This is the only loreful map.

    This is the only map that counts.

    I don't care how long turn times get, our Lords and Saviours Intel and Nvidia will sort them out going forward.

    Shitey end turn times are eventually good; a gutted map is forever atrocious.

    (Of course, larger oceans and infinite scrolling should be a thing too)
  • ErathilErathil Registered Users Posts: 809
    I do think widening the oceans is a bad idea.

    It'd be more truthful to the lore, yes, but the game's mechanics do a poor job of conveying sea travel. All wider oceans would do would compartmentalize the AI more, leading to even less interaction between the new world and the old.
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