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Waaggh! (army spawning) and fightiness rework

InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
With the Bretonnia rework being released tommorow, it is probable that greenskins will be next. It's a ton of fun playing greenskins, and sacking Altdorf or Ulthuan. However, I find the AI-controlled Waaagh! army that spawn when you reach a certain fightiness threshold very annoying. That's why I always play with a mod that remove these mechanisms.

I would like the fightiness and the Waaagh army generation reworked. I think a huge bonus to unit replenishment when above a certain fightiness threshold could be added that remplace waaagh army spawning. It would be lore friendly and could help greenskins devasting the old world. Afterall, greenskins are everywhere and if you are a great conquerors, a lot of boys would seek to join your great waaagh for glory a blood.

What do you guys think about the fightiness mechanism for Greenskins and the Waaagh army ? How would you like to see this mechanism reworked ?


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