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Campaing mode with 4 players

CienfuegosCienfuegos Registered Users Posts: 2
Please, introduce a campaing mode with capacity to play with 4 players, all people that i know want it.


  • epic_159734554551iBjGJXVepic_159734554551iBjGJXV Registered Users Posts: 14

    Totally agree, this is a bug that would greatly improve this game and the players do not mind losing some of it in exchange for playing with other friends.
  • PandajacketPandajacket Registered Users Posts: 67
    edited April 2019
    I would love a 4 player mode but sadly I don’t think total war plans to ever go that direction.


    to add to that I think the main problem gets to be how long the turns could be when multiple battles take place in one turn.

    I played a game with the same set up of RTS battles with turn based strategy. (Sword of the Stars)

    It allowed multiple battles to take place simultaneously. Or for nearby groups to spectate battles. However total war is much more complex and I am not sure the engine nor most computers could handle multiple maps battling it out at once.
  • titiriteroxtitiriterox Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think that players need to decide if they play a 4 players campaing even if the game have slow turns, i prefer to play with all of my friends.
  • Akame__WarhammerAkame__Warhammer Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have Total War: Warhammer 2 and I hate not being able to play with my both friends in campaing, we always are three players and we cant play campaing or at leats we want to play a real multiplayer mode, with rankeds or something like that.
  • SteelRoninSteelRonin Junior Member ChileRegistered Users Posts: 1,250
    Yeah, I would love to play with more friends. A free-for-all, 2 vs 2 and 4-coop
  • SchwarzhelmSchwarzhelm Registered Users Posts: 2,284
    Like I said in a different thread, I can't wait to host a LAN Party with my friends playing all night Total War warhammer.
  • markusasmarkusas Registered Users Posts: 239
    edited April 2019
    All my friends who plays or want to play total war wait for this feature
    When game 3 comes out I want to travel the world from the east to west and invade the western shores of Naggaroth. Also expand Mortal Empires South and West to make Southlands, Lustria and Western Naggaroth great again!
  • SerkeletSerkelet Member Registered Users Posts: 416
  • ChosenByMuhLadyChosenByMuhLady Registered Users Posts: 63
    I hope CA will make that possible, they already know that all players want this and more players will buy the game, when in campaign it will be more playable slots than two.
  • BeelzeBeelze Registered Users Posts: 330
    Same, turn times is not the problem, we know what we are getting ourselves into.

    But we dont even do coop now because it always leave somebody out so we play other games together instead.
  • GwydionGwydion Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,247
    PLEASE CA!!! Chaos Warriors need a faction that is not horde only by the time the trilogy is finished! We beg of you!

    Just Realized this topic has been viewed more, the topic of " Limiting Race Expansion/ Colonization Expansion" alone than more than half of the stickied things at the top of the forum... I hope you are too CA and I mean that in a positive way from a huge fan!

    Please improve sieges! Add racial flavor and ACTUALLY make them "deeper rather than wide" copy and paste with different art needs to go!
  • VacmidvalleyVacmidvalley Registered Users Posts: 380
    Yes more players in multiplayer campaign.
  • EhecatlEhecatl Registered Users Posts: 145
    My friends and I are a group of 3 and we would KILL for this feature, one of us is always left out.
  • l0ot96l0ot96 Registered Users Posts: 1
  • DrAGON70878DrAGON70878 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Well i was thinking and i looked at what they have been releasing and the new factions and noticed all of them (except vampire counts) have 4 lords honestly all they need to release would be (wood elves 2) (beast man 1) (chaos 1)
    (norsca 2) (bretonnia 1) (empire 1)
  • DrAGON70878DrAGON70878 Registered Users Posts: 2
    If they wanted each faction to be playable in vortex with 4 players
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