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Leylos Region Occupation: What happened?

froloffrolof Registered Users Posts: 385
Ever come by the mod called "Leylos Regional Occupation"? It's a modification that aimed to do what WH1 did right, while still maintain the formula of WH2. Basically, it aimed to remove the Climate mechanic and make is so certain factions inhabited certain climates. (Mountains for Dwarfs, Ulthuan for the Elves (and certain other factions), Port regions for Vampire Coast only). It aimed for immersion within the Warhammer fantasy, instead of seeing the Empire occupy Lustria without changing the city style (like it did in Warhammer 1, which they removed on WH2. God, I miss that.)

However, the mod is now removed and his profile is now gone along with his mod. We can no longer play with this mod until whatever happens is solved or a friend of his uploads a backup to his mod.

Link to Mod page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1246143901

If there's anything I would want right now, it's a backup to his mod so the community can continue his dream of Warhammer 2 with Warhammer 1 occupation immersion. It wasn't a mod for anyone, but for some people, it made the game whole again.

So, what happened? Why is it gone? Why is Leylos gone like the wind with it? Does anyone have a backup mod?


  • EberEber Registered Users Posts: 1
    Agreed, regional occupation makes so much sense. Not a fan of climate and seeing all factions spread like skaven all over the map.

    I wish this was an option in vanilla, as everytime a modder disappears the game breaks for some people..

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