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SolvedRandom Crashes during Campaign

nipper33nipper33 MemberRegistered Users Posts: 68
edited July 2019 in Crashes
I have been getting random crashes in campaign and Battles. This has only started in the last couple of weeks. I have tried all the usual stuff to fix. Disable all Mods, Rolled back Drivers, Verified games cache reinstalled game etc. I have been playing the game with no issue up till then

Please see requested information below

Build Number: V.1.6.0 Build 10563.1644458

Detailed description of what happened before the crash: Playing as the Skaven on a Legendary game on Turn 9 the movement of the cursor became jerky and as i clicked on the Army located at Skavenblight it crashed to desktop. It seems to crash each time after a turn or 2

The relevant mini dump file:

A copy of your Campaign .save game, if the crash occurs during a Campaign:

A copy of your DxDiag:

A copy of your preferences script:

A copy of your modified.log file (.txt):

Thanks for any help provided.
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  • nipper33nipper33 Member Registered Users Posts: 68
    Quick update - fixed the constant crashing by rolling back to the Nvidia 399 Series drivers - seems my system/graphics card didn't like using the latest driver with Total war Warhammer 2!

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