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Army Buff correction

YavorYavor Registered Users Posts: 41
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Hello there, dear Devs,
I would like to suggest that the invisible player army buff would be reduced, at least a bit. I play custom battles of two armies of mirrored units and my army always takes at least half the losses, that the enemy army takes (even on higher difficulties!). I understand that this is a ballance mechanic, but I think that it is a bit too OP. It is not fun if the enemy are impaired (handicapped) in such way. I bet that changing this will turn many of the negative reviews into positive ones. And the game deserves a lot of positive attitude! The game is great! Balanced, beautiful, fun and engaging. It is just a bit too easy at this point, mainly because of the invisible enemy handicap and the buff of the players' armies. I hope that you will view this post as a positive and constructive feedback. I am in no way complaining about the state of the game. And I am sure that you have a plethora of other balancing ideas, better than just buffing the player.
Thank You and Good Luck!

P.S. We really need to hear the setting of the next Saga game. Hype is just unbearable!
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  • ExarchExarch Registered Users Posts: 585
    This isn't due to player unit buffs, just that human players are better than the AI! I'm sure you are better at chasing down his ranged units with cav, getting good matchups with your infantry, avoiding blobbing and making rear charges than the AI and that is why you win.

    At higher difficulties the enemy units are actually given hidden buffs to their combat stats, but as your results show, stats aren't everything!
  • YavorYavor Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited April 2019
    In the previous games the enemy are indeed buffed at higher dif levels (Warhammer series, Rome, Attila...) . However in my tests I ran just 6 units of axemen against 6 units of the exact same axemen. I played on hard - the enemy units got half or even quarter of my units' kills. I just group charged them, no special tactics whatsoever, head on! I tried it with spearmen, same thing, swordsmen etc. Besides I fought with low tier spearmen against enemy axemen, again six by six units, head on. My spearmen won! I don't know how! I've even won very hard mirror battles like that! Just saying, I don't know if anyone else has encountered that. I think that, in this particular game, the player is actually buffed, and I think that this is the main reason players don't like this game. I love it, though, and I want others to love it too! Again, this is just an experiment of mine, you can try it yourself in custom battles (or camp if you'd like). Just an observation.
    Thank you for reading and answering, btw!
  • ExarchExarch Registered Users Posts: 585
    I might try it then in custom if I remember sometime!

    In campaign general abilities and tech might make the difference, but if it happens in custom then something really is up!
  • YavorYavor Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited April 2019
    I just saw that the game has been patched since my last playthrough. Just played a custom battle and the score was even, so this issue must have been dealt with. I am very glad that it was, as I can't forget that time when I fought off an army of norsemen with a handful of fyrd spearmen. There must have been other reports, before that, so now everything seems fine.
    Sorry for rising an alarm here!

    I have never been so glad for losing a battle, like I am right now!
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