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Removing Army Skills: Advice/Help requested

GoumindongGoumindong Registered Users Posts: 8
So i wanted to remove all the red skills for every lord in the game.

The reasoning for this is mainly to modify the balance away from units and towards heroes/lords but also to reduce enemy army quality variance (sometimes you get a stack with full army skill bonuses applied and sometimes you get a stack with full army skill bonuses applied to units the army doesn't have, meaning the army and the lord are kinda bad) and promote unit variance.

Besides doing a lot of find/replace i am not sure what i would need in order to achieve this though.

Would i need to modify the skill purchase AI trees? Is there anything besides just going into each individual lord and deleting the entire red tree?

Anyway, if anyone could help with this i would appreciate it.


  • RomeoRejectRomeoReject Registered Users Posts: 773
    I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but yeah, going through each lord type and removing the red skills & links is probably the easiest solution.
  • GoumindongGoumindong Registered Users Posts: 8
    I figured that. Was wondering if i had to mess with the AI as well. Or will it automatically adjust to the lack of red skills?
  • GoumindongGoumindong Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited May 2019
    So i went through the associated files and moved all of the red army skills from their associated lord to "none". I modified the dependencies of the leadership skills such that they trigger on prior skills in the leadership tree rather than the army skills. And modified the associated number of required skills down to 1 in order to make the tree usable. This used two tables. One is the character_skills_node_links and one was character_skills_nodes

    In the PFM "none" is red.

    So this appears to work... load times are a bit slow initially. But it works

    If anyone runs into any problems please let me know. If anyone knows how to make this better let me know. Yes i do know my pack file is not well organized.

    Edit: Removing and reuploading because tags are wrong and i cannot see how to fix that without doing the above


    Should be working now.
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