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Random crashing after a few minutes regardless of what i do

EinHanderEinHander Registered Users Posts: 2
edited July 2018 in Crashes
Alright, i tried talking to CA support and now im being ignored, so lets try the forums. Game crashes for not really any apparent reason, previously i had the control of the cursor as it crashed, and currently i have to restart the pc if the crash happens, i love this game to death but i would at least like a refund if its unable to get resolved. Things that i tried:
-Reinstalling video drivers
-Deleting the preference file
-DLing a preference file sent by CA in Gizidos post
-Reinstalling the audio drivers
-Verifying integrity of game cache
-Reinstalling the game
-Reinstalling the CPU drivers

EDIT: The files wont upload here, so heres a link to a mega.nz download https://mega.nz/#!OYJDhazK!WPKPo8duDtNEEnDOrl2GugIRq2ZHPBCLMXxxkZUJioM
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  • demitriademitria Registered Users Posts: 5
    Check your graphics card , i had two nvidia gtx 970 in sli and i bought a new AMD system and it took me several months before i did finde the problem becurse i could play other games with no prob, it was just warhammer that i could not play!?!?!

    So i bought a msi 2060 and now i can play This wonderfull GAME so im just saying it can be the thing you least expect to be the problem. Hope you finde a soulotion and good luck!!

    (both my gtx 970 were begining to fail)

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