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Am I able to get mods for mac on Rome Total war Gold Edition

pikachulover46pikachulover46 Posts: 2Registered Users
edited September 2018 in Rome: Total War
I have the app version on mac for Rome Total war Gold Edition and was wondering if there is any way i can get mods on it. I have the newest version of IOS and the regular way doesn't work anymore. If there is anything I can do please let me know.
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  • Spychicken23Spychicken23 Junior Member Posts: 12Registered Users
    This might be a bit late, but you’re in luck. Here’s how to do EB (Europa barbarorum), but it works with others. It looks complicated, but it’s not.

    1. Find Feral’s RTW and start it up
    2. In the start up menu, open preferences folder
    3. Copy RTW (the entire game) and put it in the preferences folder. It’s weird, I know, but some mods have saving issues without this.
    4. Make an alias from that copy to your desktop. This will be what you mod.
    5. From desktop, right click and go to “show original”.
    6. Right click and select “show package contents”
    7. Contents/Resources/Data
    8. Here you will see “data” in lowercase. Don’t touch that (Roma Surrectum does, but that’s a whole different tutorial).
    9. Put your mod folder (EB in my case) in.
    10. In your mod folder, go to Data/text and duplicate “imperial_campaign_regions_and_settlement_names.txt”, name the new one “barbarian_invasion_regions_and_settlement_names.txt”
    11. Next go to Data/world/maps/campaign and duplicate “imperial_campaign” and make it “barbarian_invasion”. This makes it work with BI.
    12. Start up the options menu and select RTW or BI (I use BI for better AI). Go to “advanced” near the top.
    13. Check “advanced options” and type in


    Replace “EB” with the name of the folder you are using.
    14. Start it up, it should work.

    You only need to put it in it’s own preferences folder once, but every new mod will have to be optimized for barbarian invasion (steps 10 and 11).
  • Spychicken23Spychicken23 Junior Member Posts: 12Registered Users
    Keep in mind you might have to use Wine for .exe files, but some mods like Europa Barbarorum have a non .exe files.

    Some mods also work for Alexander only.

    Some mods, especially older ones, don’t work at all for whatever reason.

    Recommended mods are Iberia Total War, Bronze Age, Paeninsula Italica, Somnium Apostate Iuliani (new Invasio barbarorum mods are being made as well), and of course Europa Barbarorum.

    You can even get into text files and mod the mods, as I prefer to better balance out units and slow combat pace. Hopefully your preferred mods work out.
  • Spychicken23Spychicken23 Junior Member Posts: 12Registered Users
    Side note, you will be modding the version in the preferences folder (that has an alias to desktop), but don’t delete your old copy. It might delete everything else.
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