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The game becomes much less fun on higher difficulty's. (Opinion)



  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1,174
    edited May 2019
    Can you compare Minos' mod to Advanced AI? Is it very different? What are the main noticeable differences?

    CeltiK's mods are also not usable for those who have access to it, btw. They're broken since the last patch and he does not seem to be working on an update.
  • SagrandaSagranda Registered Users Posts: 1,659
    I have to say that CeltiK's AI mod is/was more refined than the one from MINOS from what I remember. It has been quite a long time, so I can only say some rough stuff from memory.
    Stuff like building chains and recruitment is more improved or "better" with CeltiK's mod (even with MINOS's submods). It makes the AI seem smarter on the economical/building part without having to add additional buffs. Advanced AI also fixed some battlefield behaviors (assigned the right units the right parameters IIRC) which I think is lacking in Better AI.
    What I liked more about MINOS's is that the AI in general is more aggressive, has a bit more buffs to them and its decision making when it comes to "when to fight/retreat and if it should sally out when besieged".

    Though I also have to add that when I played with MINOS's Better AI, the majority of the time I also used his "EXTRA HARD Difficulty" submod. Therefor my perception is also a bit skewered.

    Things may have changed with the last updates though and MINOS could have improved the mod quite a bit. That's something I wouldn't know about. Sorry.

    I found the statement from CeltiK again which he made in the comment section of the Community Bug Fix mod, which I meant.
    Guess I remembered it slightly wrong.
    As you know I didn't delete my mods and I didn't abandon them. I will keep working on them and will update them, albeit at a slower pace so I can't give them to someone else. It's just that from now on they will stay private.
    Disclaimer: What I say is my opinion and not necessarily stated as fact.
  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 3,421
    Well CeltikK may update it again but he needs both to be sure CA won't do a mid update patch (and the lack of info on that side is annoying) and get motivated into the game proper.

    He's been mostly annoyed at the endless toil of answering comments actually, something he should avoid imho, though there is valid feedback too. At least he's still active on the community bugfix front.

    I'd be tempted to at least take over the building order part but it's a lot of time spent testing, yes, and I' rather use my leisure time elsewhere for a game I don't play that much.
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