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Could the Bronze Age be a potential title in the future?

quinton77quinton77 Registered Users Posts: 1
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Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed that the farthest we’ve ever gone into history is in the Wrath of Sparta DLC for Total War: Rome II.

If you look into the history of the Bronze Age, you’ll find that it could potentially work well as a historical title. There are multiple kingdoms/empires that all have unique cultures. The Late Bronze Age Collapse could be the event in which this game takes place, as going further back would prove less historical accuracy and not much diversity in terms of units. A good example of how it could work is the Bronze Age: Total War mod for Rome: Total War. Multiple kingdoms fighting for supremacy when all of a sudden, numerous migrating groups flood into the Near East and demolish nearly everyone.

Not to mention possible DLC’s which could include the rise of the Iron Age and include campaigns featuring the Assyrians, Persians, Medians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greek city states etc. or maybe even a potential Trojan War DLC.

I feel like this is definitely a piece of history that CA should consider. Of course there’s numerous other time periods that haven’t been explored just yet, but I feel as if the Bronze Age would be an excellent fit for a title.

Thank you!
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  • Emperor_NapoleonEmperor_Napoleon Registered Users Posts: 122
    The main problem would be that our sources for this era are very minimal, vague and incomplete, so it's hard to get a solid understanding of exactly what types of armies they had. A lot of it would be half-guesswork.
  • SuliotSuliot Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 687
    Yeah it could be and I think it would be a great setting. Maybe it can be made as a Saga title, the map does not have to be focused on all the regions covered in Rome 2, but it could only focus around the Fertile Crescent and the Aegean Sea. So it would be a more focused game, with a lot of late game challenges (Climate Change, Sea Peoples). It could be like Attila in a way but in a more focused region.
  • ElenditElendit Registered Users Posts: 5
    Suliot said:

    Climate Change

    I'd love to see external factors play a role on the mechanics of future games, climates change, famine, black plague, you name it.
  • kweassa1kweassa1 Registered Users Posts: 728

    I really hope so... but unfortunately, history still remains largely an unpopular topic to the masses. If I were CA, I'd pretty much find it difficult to justify a game based on the Bronze Age which nobody knows about.

    Need to coax more people into awesomeness of being a history buff :D
  • ikkiikki Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 132
    or even pre ice age... the maps exist from those/that 20.000 year old civilization and the megallithic structuressimilarly remain. Althought horribly mislabeld as if the great yrmid was some silly 3000 years old.. lol. At least the sphinx dating due to water erosion is at 10.000+ and since the rest was built with the same rock, the pyramids have to be at least as old.

    Atlantean humans vs two legged serpent men, until the serpents are defeated and bereft of legs forced to crawl on their bellies. The garden of eden under the persian gulf etc..
  • united84united84 Registered Users Posts: 745
    edited May 2019
    The Warring States is basically set in the Bronze Age.

    And what's up with all these unrelated posts directed at TW3K.

    General discussion is that way ----->
  • ThutmoseThutmose Registered Users Posts: 26
    The Warring States is basically Iron Age. Although bronze weapons were still widely used in the army, iron tools already became very common in agriculture and other industries. Also in the late Warring States period iron weapons also became more and more prevalent.
  • BerstichBerstich Registered Users Posts: 180
    Huzzah! Another thread on the 3K forums that has nothing to do with the game.
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 7,906
    I'd be happy with that.
  • talonntalonn Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 581
    This thread doesn't belong here
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,698
    Moved to Chat.
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  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,371
    I can see the Middle east/Egypt location working for a Saga game come to think of it...
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