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In ProgressAI constantly repositioning in battle / blobbing

HirranHirran Junior MemberPosts: 1Registered Users
edited May 23 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Build Number: 9198.1663030

It would seem that if you spread your armies wide enough across the map, with some units hidden, you can trigger the AI into a loop where it just keeps repositioning its armies and creating large blobs. I think what may be happening is that when the AI repositions one way, some opposing hidden units are revealed which causes the AI to reposition again, opposing units then become hidden, and AI once again repositions, ad nauseam.
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  • Jess_CAJess_CA Posts: 296Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, SEGA
    Thank you for the report and attachments :) We will send this over for further investigation.
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