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So far, It doesn't feel like a 3K character game, it more like a Random Generation of Generals game.

WudadiWudadi Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 14
As we know, Three Kingdoms is about tons of famous historical characters' story.
(Because Romance of the Three Kingdoms-this book, All of Twenty-five Histories-Chinese official historical books are biography-include "Records of the Three Kingdoms", not chronicle, That's why the novel 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' have many vivid characters. )
There are 5000+ historical characters in the 3K period, and there are 1000+ famous historical characters at least.

However, In TW:3K there are only 40 legendary generals who have unique portrait, and only 40 legendary generals can live for a long time, other 1000-40 = 960 famous historical characters same as other random generation of generals, both have a random portrait(face), both can be killed so easily, only different between 960 famous historical characters and random generation of generals is the name, they has historical name, others doesn't.

There are many 3K strategy game in the market, all of them have 500 ~ 800 historical characters who has unique portrait(face), and wouldn't die easily, so you can feel that they are important / famous / unique characters by first look their portrait. In TW:3K just have 40 legendary generals.

Every single battle has around 1~5 generals are been killed.
e.g. in Sun Jian campaign, in year 191, Lu Su, Cheng Pu, Lu Meng were been killed by 2 battles......if someone know about a little bit history about 3K, they are very famous characters. because there are not belong the 40 legendary generals, they can be killed so easily.
e.g. Liu Biao killed Cheng Pu it's ridiculous, more ridiculous events are happening right now.
e.g. Kong Rong, Tao Qian, Liu Biao, Liu Zhang, they are very weak person compare other 3K characters, however they are the faction leader and belong to the 40 legendary generals, they are not easy to get killed.

In 3K history, other 960 famous historical characters 80% were not been killed in battle field. There are 960/2=480 famous historical characters are strategists more like a administrator most of them don't join fight in battle field, I couldn't find one example that the strategist was killed by other general in the battle field in history, but in TW: 3K the strategist must lead a troops and join a fight, and they are easy be killed.

They are too many Female Random Characters in the game, in 3K period very few of them can lead troops, but most of them didn't join the battle. No one knows Zheng Jiang, and she has unique portrait, DIao Chan, Da QIao, Xiao Qiao, Wang Yi.......many famous female characters don't not has their own unique portrait....

Someone else will say it's not a big deal for the game, right, for those people who has no knowledge about 3K, sure, they don't care, In their eyes everyone in the game is the same, Cao Cao no different between Kao Kao. But for Asian player or western player who know about 3K this is a big issue so far.

Playing TW: 3K can't learn 3K history in the game, because it doesn't have all historical character's biography in the game, you can't to learn the character's own story / history / event in 3K period that you are playing, you can not see all characters's family tree, many player don't not know Dong Min, Is he the son or bother or cousin of Dong Zhuo? they just know Dong Min is another Dong....

Those problem all above most can be fixed by mod, by using KOEI's famous strategy 3K game---ROTK 13 800+ unique historical character portrait, but I hope CA can fixed it. even add more unique legendary generals (800+) in the future DLC, I think people willing to buy it.

As we know, CA TW: 3K learn from KOEI's Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1~ 13 series, the strategist can be used in many ways, not just in battle, debate system I said before.

If CA can learn all the good stuff form KT : ROTK series, TW: 3K will be the best strategy Three kingdoms in the world.


  • YaafmYaafm Registered Users Posts: 1,276
    Wall of text...its not a historical simulator. Its not trying to teach you the history, its just letting you play in it. You read a few names then go and google it if you really want, thats it. I admit its going to get rather boring with the same 40 Unique characters, they are just better.

    Im not sure why your upset about dying. They die in all the Romance of Three Kingdoms games. I reguarly go recruit/execute in them.

    I love the Three Kingdoms, and its storys, not just the games...but is a game, this isnt history class. And please dont say people dont understand Three Kingdoms just because they dont feel the same way as you.
  • kweassa1kweassa1 Registered Users Posts: 759

    Doesn't feel like that to me at all. To me, it feels like an intricate STRAT game of the 3K, not a character game.

    Maybe it's the history buff in me, but the situations each leaders are in, the difficulty and challenges that vary, the management aspect, everything is so well done that I hardly had the time to care whether my character really existed in history or not even after the 'first generation' died out.

    So I'd absolutely LOVE to see more unique characters in the game, because it would make the game better... but not having those characters don't detract from the game one bit.

    Not everyone knows about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, especially western audiences.
  • HavieHavie Registered Users Posts: 1,486
    So idk what exactly youre trying to say,
    theres alot going on with this post and no real solution at all.

    Firstly you seem to be saying that the 40 legendary generals die easily? They have a wounded chance-so this is actually prevented quite well. You'll see they live quite frequently, only time they die is when captured and executed.

    As far as more unique portraits and models, yeah that'd be great, but this is TotalWar, not a Koei game, theres alllottt more going into this franchise, and its made some massive strides in character development. Im sure we'll see a few more uniques with DLC and ALOT more with mods.

    the rest of your post is just kind of hard to figure out what exactly you are trying to say.
  • united84united84 Registered Users Posts: 885
    edited May 2019
    Instead of playing down TS, I think he has one valid point. The unique and memorable characters needs to be unique.

    CA needs to make the characters model, portrait and units highly moddable which i have been saying since April.

    I am actually waiting for character portrait mods and unit mods especially the militia since they usually filled my early to mid game rosters.
  • GelstonGelston Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,591
    This is something that happens in almost all TW games. I used to hate when I'd play Parthia and Rome was defeated by the Etruscans so when I made it there, my biggest enemy was a bunch of rando tribes.
  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Registered Users Posts: 2,967
    Very well written post, 40 unique characters with unique skins for any three kingdoms is far too few as the period had hundreds of unique and notable characters which played vital roles for their times. Also excellent point bringing up historically irrelevant characters such as Zheng Jiang and yellow turban nobodies getting their own unique skins while the more notable characters such as Diao Chan, Da/Xiao Qiao don't even have their own model. CA has much work to do on this front by adding dozens of more unique characters for it to be a proper game based on characters, not just random general templates. They have recently announced chapter packs with new unique characters so though should be working on that though.
  • HugothesterHugothester Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 566
    I would pay 40€ for a DLC with 200-300 unique characters and models honestly. It will probably progressively come though.
    The game just came out yesterday.
    Biggest Spanish total war youtube Channel
  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 4,040
    edited May 2019
    I've honestly never really understood these arguments of "Oh, but Koei/Dynasty Warriors did X, and Y, or Z!"

    Yeah, that's Koei/Dynasty Warriors. This is a Total War game. Completely different things. The only similarity between them is that they're both set in the Three Kingdoms period. It's like me going into a restaurant and telling the chef I'd like my food cooked the way the other restaurant down the street does it. 🤷‍♂️

    Also, I know that RotTK is famous for having hundreds of named characters, but like 8 of every 10 "named" characters is introduced and killed off in the same paragraph, usually in a duel, or after some long-winded introduction about them and their backstory. There's a bare handful of major characters that actually stick around long enough actually do something meaningful in the story.
  • BreadboxBreadbox Registered Users Posts: 785
    The game needs more unique characters for sure, as well as more appearances for generic character, they look too similar and interesting, not going to get too invested in them.
    But ask for ridiculous things like 13800 unique portraits or 900+ unique generals or compare it to totally different game you gonna have people disagree with you on the most non-contraversial things.
  • BelphegorBelphegor Registered Users Posts: 22
    Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it's only a game. Relax, have some fun, it's not a history lesson, it's a history flavoured entertainment product.

    Secondly - CA have a long history of supporting their titles with additional content, new characters and factions for years after their release. The game has been out for less than 48 hours. Give them some time to get through the launch and I'm sure we'll find out more about what is coming next.
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