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Mini Freezing

XI2SCOOPSIXXI2SCOOPSIX Registered Users Posts: 1
I finding that the game freezes every 4s (seconds) for 4s which is super annoying. The recommended graphics the game defaulted to were Ultra and I have since tested reducing the graphics to low and turning in additional settings like v-sync etc. Still the issue persists but this just increase the intervals of freezing to every 8s. Just to clarify I've changed and tweaked all the setting to try stop this but it just persists.

My processor has 0.1 GHz less than then recommended specs for this game, graphics card is GTX 1080 and RAM at 32GB

I've turned off virus protection and any other support software that might have been running (I don't intentionally use support software) but again the mini freezing persists.

recent games I've played were Skyrim remastered edition, this ran without any issues or freezing.


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