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Black Ark recruitment/replenishment could use some tweaking.

DecensDecens Registered Users Posts: 24
I have noticed whilst playing the Blessed Dread three things about Black Arks that seem off;

1) Your admirals do not gain any levels and thus are always level one and quite easy, despite being unbreakable, to slay.

2)Even when you have Lokhir's skill and other skills that buff Lord recruitment - if it is done by a Black Ark, they are only level one. This counts towards agents as well.

3) Black Arks do not replenish in the Dread Expansion stance at sea, yet if you have a friendly army(fleet) in the same ocean then they get replenished - but not the Black Ark.

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  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    Yeah black arks need some love. I think they should get more movement and also complete immunity to sea attrition, even during storms. And also yeah, if the admirals were treated like normal lords it would be nice.

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