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Disappointments and frustrations on three kingdoms

DavidshaoDavidshao Registered Users Posts: 1
I've played thousands of hours of total war over these years, last title i spent the most time on was warhammer 2.

I played this game since day 1 launch, from my total war experience, I can feel this game is unpolished and rushed, there are so much details that could have been more polished and refined.

Also there are some minor bugs and UI frustrations that could be addressed as well, but great game nevertheless, hope the devs will continue to work on this game, then I will be more than willingly to pay for the DLCs as it is a great game worth supporting in any way.


  • mitthrawnuruodomitthrawnuruodo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,871
    Perhaps you can illustrate the specific problems you are having?

    There are some oversights, and few of the new mechanics are a bit undercooked, which is sort of expected from a first implementation.... but the overwhelming majority of the community considers this game to be among the most polished and measured releases for the TW series.

    You should post your detailed feedback so that devs can take them into consideration.
  • JaySantonJaySanton Registered Users Posts: 1
    Agree about the UI, it's not what i'm used to from the soo player friendly UI from past Total War games.

    Also what's up with the battle graphics? on ultra settings it is still really not good.

    Issues with the highest resolution, the mouse arrow isn't where it should be on the screen..

    Bit dissapointed to spent money on this game that's not completed yet, it's that simple
  • zerkmannzerkmann Registered Users Posts: 348
    While most of my frustrations with the game are visuals, I have to say that marching stances in this game felt really shooed in.
    Why are forced marched armies able to retreat?
    Why does encampment stance not boost replenishment?

    Also with regards to ancilaries, there needs to be a tooltip that shows which general type can use them. I once bought an axe for a hefty amount only to realize none of my generals could use it.
  • dukeofnothinghamdukeofnothingham Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    Really?? I found WH to be quite unpolished w/ optimization and gameplay like Mortal Empire felt rush and unoptimized.

    Location of the faction in ME are over the place and some are just too damn broken due CA cramp 3 faction in an area.

    Also the features of WH are quite basic and broken like diplomacy, greater power mechanic makes diplomacy useless.

    Bugs have still not fix w/ WH, LOS of range units are broken and many more.
    The only good I can think of WH will be its unit variety and each faction feels different.

    I am not saying 3k is a perfect game, sure the game need some tweaking and polishing but it's features are just amazing in campaign. In battle seems mixed.

    3k sure have issue like main menu being disable during battle in campaign and units are just broken like repeating crossbow and units w/ reflect charge.

    Buggy waypoint and pathfinding.
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