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Random MP things to be fixed

mspapemspape Registered Users Posts: 4
Now I get that Total War multiplayer doesn't get as much love as the campaign, but as the code-base seems to be moved to every next version, along with old bugs, maybe my small list would be appreciated. For a patch, or Warhammer 3, who knows. Otherwise, for posterity, I'll at least show evidence that bugs/design problems remain unfixed since Warhammer 2.

* Multiplayer room: It happens about once every 10 games that someone tries to join, but fails, and the entire game gets stuck (Windows). You see an hourglass going with the new player entering, but their logo isn't loaded, and nothing happens. No-one can talk anymore, and the player can't be booted (will remain there in spirit, even if they have turned off their pc). I don't know why MP sync in the chatroom is so hard for this company to fix, it's really never been good (e.g. Medieval 2: booted players would remain in game, just stop responding).
* Siege towers remain at level 1 in mp siege battles (TWW2 but not TWW1), despite changing the level as host in the options.
* Multiplayer chatroom has never recovered in spirit. The public lobby is useless. It's rarely visible for others if someone happens to speak - which therefore nobody does anymore. The uix/layout of chat windows needs work.
* Without changing siege towers: downgrade attacker siege moneys or allow some sort of adjustment of the balance between atk/def.

* Allow some customisations in multiplayer - Shogun was fun like that, but just allowing my general to be called Prince Porkface would be cool. Isn't part of the fun in warhammer the painting of the miniatures or something? (I don't know - i sucked at it)

* Random trick for others: feeling bored because your pc is faster and have already loaded the map? Press escape while waiting and it suddenly shows your own army at least - allowing you to pre-group your army.
* Check a PC team-mate's artillery. You can't see it - but what's worse: the alignment of the number is off! (it's a joke :) )


  • chrisspapechrisspape Registered Users Posts: 1
    true! especially the alignement issue has been a nuisance for ages. how on earth has no one ever complained about this? left alignement puts our troops off, whereas centered text would have saved the (pigging!) day.

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