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AI Declares War on my vassal despite NAP

edaviesedavies Posts: 12Registered Users
The game (I would say rightly) prevents us from declaring war on vassals of other factions. You have to attack the parent faction and all their vassals. However, I have a NAP with Gongsun Zan and he's declaring war on my (biggest and most profitable) vassal, Yuan Shu. My only options are to abandon my vassal or gain treachery for breaking the NAP, even though its really the AI that is violating the NAP.


  • HeljaegerHeljaeger Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have the same issue. I had my credibility tanked hard cos I vassalised Liu Bei and all the AI I had NAPs and trade agreements with (some of which I made the same turn they attacked Liu Bie) dog-piled him over 3-4 turns. This is a big issue, as it seems that having low credibility makes vassals more likely to rebel, which makes no sense because I'm protecting my vassals... Why would they want to rebel if I'm fulfilling my end of the bargain? The new diplo system is really good, but it just seems like you have to choose between vassals, or diplomacy with the rest of the map.
  • edaviesedavies Posts: 12Registered Users
    edited May 29
    Heljaeger said:

    The new diplo system is really good, but...

    I totally agree. It just needs a few tweaks... like AI not asking for a city in the same commandery as the farmland I'm trying to buy from them. That is the one "make this work" that definitely never works for the player.

    Also what's up with having no children for my entire playthrough 20-30 years (at this point)?!? I married early and... nothing! Is adopting characters really that vital to the system?
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