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Buffs on higher difficulty, can we get some insight CA please?

douriel114douriel114 Registered Users Posts: 15

so I learned that the AI on harder battle difficulties is actually smarter, and doesn't just get the buffs to stats .

Sadly, they do still get them, which I dislike very much (makes no sense to have to account for all of your men being imbeciles in comparison to the enemy)

So, CA, in order for us to create a mod that removes or counteracts this, could we get to know how you buffed them exactly?

As someone pointed out they do not get any buffs, I made some test runs:

1 unit of ji infantry lvl 1 vs another, two similar strategists battling each other a medium distance away so they cant affect them

the infantry battle is always decided before one of the strategists rout. out of 10 , all 10 went to the AI unit, the weird part is, they dont have any visible buffs in unit comparison if you use the compare function, but they are clearly buffed in some hidden way, can't explain the 100% winrate in a 1v1 otherwise :D - my unit just loses men quicker , and their stats seem to degrade more when fatigue sets in (not sure about that last part, might just be a bigger malus due to less troops remaining in the unit by comparison)

also did the test on normal difficulty (previous one was very hard) - I won 2 of 3 engagements, the units seem to be quite evenly matched on this setting

(just to be clear, I of course walked them over and only started charging when the other unit charged, so fatigue was the same at the beginning ) also checked for full frontal engagements



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